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Ristorante Saraceno - Boston, MA

Great Italian Dining in Boston's North End


Restaurant Category : Italian

Ristorante Saraceno - Boston, Massachusetts: Located in Boston's North End, Ristorante Saraceno is the place to be if you want authentic Italian cuisine.

After one visit there, I was convinced that I had picked the right place for an Italian dinner. The plate was so stacked with seafood that it was almost falling off my plate. Huge pieces of scallops, shrimp, and octopus, with mussels and a spicy red sauce made this the best seafood linguine was the best I have ever had.

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The wine list is not extensive but I was able to pick a nice Chianti that went great with our dinner.

Service was comfortable, very reminiscent of what you find in family restaurant in Italy; great food and great service, a slice of Italy on Boston's North End.

Saraceno has a small dining room on the main floor and additional seating downstairs, open for lunch and two more dining rooms on the second and third floors, open for dinner.

They say reservations are not needed in the off-season but I would not risk the chance to dine here and I would highly recommend making reservations, it is too good to miss!

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