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Roxanne Café – San Francisco, California

Perfect for a Casual Lunch


Restaurant Category : American (Traditional), Italian

Roxanne Café – San Francisco, California: Just next door to the Orchard Hotel is Roxanne Café, a friendly neighborhood restaurant that serves American comfort food. When I entered the place, my first impression was that it was worn and unkempt but after getting settled in and looking around, its charm grew in me and I felt at home. The setting is laidback with cozy bricked-in walls and seating for just a few dozen people. You get the feeling that this is the type of place where locals would come weekly for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or all three. It is defiantly not a high end place nor does it pretend to be.

We had their homemade vegetable soup and chicken penne pasta. The cooking is fondly reminiscent of a loving grandmother’s slow cooking. The portions are generous and the prices very reasonable. The service, like the restaurant, is casual and welcoming.

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I can’t really say that the restaurant rises to the level of bombastic; while it serves good food and provides good service, it is just too casual for a truly fantastic restaurant experience. Still, I would recommend it for a casual (not quick, they tend to be on the slow side) breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Rating—Between Bombastic and Not.

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