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Sette Mezzo - Upper Eastside of Manhattan, United States

Casual but Bombastic Italian Dining


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Sette Mezzo - New York: If delicious, authentic Italian is what you crave then Sette Mezzo is the place to be. This Upper East Side restaurant is a small restaurant that offers some of the best Italian dining in New York.

Sette Mezzo NYC has a casual dining environment but the clientele are far from run of the mill New Yorkers. The afternoon I dined there, it looked liked it was the high-end of Manhattan that were partaking in Sette Mezzo's fine cuisine. Smartly dressed men, jewel draped women, and designer bags surrounded me. This was not only a nice NYC restaurant, it apparently was one of the most popular New York restaurants for locals; I heard that some even call it one of the best Upper East side restaurants.

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The white linen tablecloths added to the finery but the rest of d├ęcor and even the staff made it feel like more of a home-style Italian eatery you would fine in the Tuscan Region of Italy than a New York fine dining restaurant. And, that was just fine with me.

The menu was not as extensive as I would have expected, but the selection that they did have all sounded beyond bombastic. I took the waiter's recommendation and had the potato dumpling with a creamy pink sauce. Delicious does not begin to describe it. It was obvious; hands that had years and years of caring experience made the pasta.

The desert of almond flour cake with a custard icing was unbelievable. When the waiter brought out the slice of cake I was sure there would be no way I could even begin to make a dent in it, it was huge! After one bite though, I realized it was just too good to pass up, so yes, I did make a dent in it, a very big dent!

Service at Sette Mezzo NYC was kind and caring. My only complaint is that the waiters seemed to congregate close to my table, which was distracting, but with the restaurant being that small, there were not a lot of other places for them to stand.

Sette Mezzo NYC the Italian, Upper East Side restaurant, is definitely a place I would recommend you visit if you love great Italian. I can see why with the locals it is one of the most popular New York restaurants. Reservations are a must and one word of warning, Sette Mezzo only accepts cash, no credit cards, so be sure to hit the bank machine before going. Entrees range in the $20 - $30 range.

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