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Six One Six at the JW Marriott– Grand Rapids, MI | Restaurant Review

Disappointing At Best - I Expected More From The JW


Restaurant Category : American (New)

Six One Six at the JW Marriott– Grand Rapids, MI: Six One Six is supposedly the JW Marriott Grand Rapid’s signature restaurant and because of that, we had high expectations. The menu here is a fusion (or more like smorgasbord) of American, Asian, and European—to the point of being without focus and lacking a distinct character. As expected, the décor is chic and hip with just the right amount of elegance. It has a ceiling that opens to the JW Marriott hotel and offers a romantic view of the river (the restaurant sits right beside it).

I ordered their sushi sampler for starters and it is easy to tell why this is not marketed as a Japanese fusion restaurant. The portions were too small for the price, and somehow, it was lacking in flavor. Perhaps the fish was not of top-quality (although it was fresh). The cedar-roasted chicken breast which I had for my main course was satisfying but tasted nothing really special to make it stick fondly to my memory.

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Probably the worst part about this hugely mediocre “five-star” restaurant is the poor service. Our wait staff seemed so nonchalant and uncaring and did not produce an ounce of effort to make us feel welcome. Our waiter’s disposition was as lifeless and dreary as the food he served.

Overall rating for Six One Six at the JW Marriott in Grand Rapids, Not Bombastic.

What I liked: View, décor

What I didn’t like: Mediocre food, poor service

Rating: Not bombastic

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