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Skylofts at MGM Grand - Las Vegas, NV

Gorgeous Loft, Bombastic Experience


Located on the ritzy Las Vegas Strip, Sky Lofts at MGM functions as a semi independent entity of the main Grand MGM Hotel yet serves as the swanky property’s ultra-luxurious penthouse that alluringly crowns the top two levels of the resort’s main structure. Sky Lofts has exclusively been conferred with the AAA Five Diamond Award. In 2009 it became the recipient of the much revered Forbes 5 Star Award. The honor was doubled when it received the Forbes 5 Star award in succession for the year 2010 as well, making it a coveted 5 Star 5 Diamond resort on the strip. The Sky Lofts is also a member of the prestigious Leading Small Hotels of the World association. The plush resort complex opened on December 18, 1993 with a Wizard of Oz theme and on April 26, 2000 it launched a new satellite check-in desk at the McCarran International Airport, the first of its genre to be opened at any United States airport by a hotel.

First Impression/Lobby: We were staying at the Palazzo Hotel and Casino and had arranged for car transfer which is a part of the package when you stay at the Sky Lofts MGM. The first impression was orchestrated to perfection; we were picked up in nothing less than a custom Maybach 62 Mercedes Limousine, one of the most beautiful cars ever! Driving through the glittering streets of Las Vegas, I felt like a star. What an ultra glamorous and gorgeous perk. There couldn’t be a better way for Sky Lofts MGM to firmly entrench its sophisticated appeal and glitzy profile.

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Reception: We were escorted in through a private entrance and led to a private elevator where we were taken to the 29th floor. They showed us our loft and completed our registration formalities. Talk about world-class trimmings and indulgent service!

We were acquainted with the highlights of our suite. The interactive control for lights, temperature, TV, radio, drapes. It felt like there were controls for almost everything in the room, except humans probably. The room was equipped with a complimentary mini-bar (not the alcoholic drinks), espresso machine and a gamut of services aimed at pampering the guest-including a 24 hour butler service (for anything from water and soda to ironing and my favorite, complimentary unpacking service. Of course we utilized them to the hilt and called to have our bags unpacked and later repacked the day we left, while we enjoyed a peaceful breakfast.

The Suite: The suite was a true loft; it was located on two floors; you walked into an expansive foyer with a powder room to the left and two small steps at the entry way leading down to a grand living room, and to the front, a stair case leading upstairs to the master bedroom and bathroom. The living room’s ceiling reached the 2nd floor, given it an illusion of more space.

Upstairs was the master bedroom, a plush full-sized bathroom with dual sinks, a private toilet stall, a huge sunken tub with a Champagne bubbles massage function and one of the largest showers I have ever seen complete with a steam function and large shower head. In short, a thorough medley of luxury, aesthetics and comfort.

Off the bathroom was an over-sized walk-in closet, which the butler made full use of when he went about his unpacking spree.

The interiors were elegantly done up with checkered tiles and chic white furnishings. There were huge mirrors to add depth to the already large spaces and the suite was opulently accessorized with some high-end trimmings. The Sky Lofts suite was so amazing; we almost didn’t want to leave.

Room Service: The delivery was prompt, the presentation elegant and the set up-flawless, irrespective of what we ordered. It was consistent for breakfast, dinner or just a bottle of Champagne. As one would expect at a luxury five-star hotel, the service was impeccable

Housekeeping: Some days housekeeping did a super job, other days they failed miserably with gaffes like leaving the bathtub unwashed (absolutely not done) and glasses and the Champagne bottle on the edge of the tub (Oh yes! We did indulge in a soak with the Champagne massage while sipping on expensive Champagne). Some days things were again miraculously perfect. Our experience with the housekeeping department was turning out to be similar to one of the city’s casinos. In a luxury hotel of Sky Lofts at the MGM Grand’s caliber, housekeeping should be consistently perfect. We could almost gamble and lay bets on how they would perform for the day. Some days we were winners, other days losers, this certainly doesn’t speak much for their consistency.

Concierge: The day after making our reservations we received information from our pre-arrival coordinator telling us that she was at our disposal to help us make any arrangements needed to make the stay a memorable experience. Over the next few weeks, she booked our restaurant, show and tour passes and reservations and all we had to do when we arrived at the hotel was to enjoy!

During our stay the other concierges were almost as helpful, however a few of their suggestions were completely off key-sending us to a restaurant in their own hotel that was already closed for the evening and another instance when they were not able to find tickets for our show until minutes before we were supposed to actually be in the car and well on our way to the show.

Restaurant: MGM Grand features an array of dining options, from stylish fine dining restaurants like the L'Atelier de JoËl Robuchon (click here to read our restaurant review of L'Atelier de JoËl Robuchon) and Craftsteak to casual dining picks like the Grand Wok Sushi Bar and Emeril’s. For a quick bite and a cup of coffee there’s a relaxed Rainforest Café and compact Studio Café along with a few other choices.

Pool/Spa/Activities: MGM Grand boasts of innumerable high-end amenities in keeping with its opulent five-star profile. Guests can soak in the luxury of the hotel’s well-appointed health club and spa. There is a Grand Pool Complex with five swimming pools and three lazy whirlpools encircled by an enticing landscape of lush greenery, bridges, artfully designed fountains and waterfalls. The famous Cristophe Salon of Beverly Hills makes its way into MGM Grand along with an elegant Forever Grand Wedding Chapel. The hotel is also interspersed with myriad shopping outlets, housing some of the world’s most exclusive brands.

Overall Impression: The Sky Lofts at the MGM Grand has everything needed to be rated Fantastic Bombastic, except consistently exceptional service. Due to the various service issues I had with their, at times, inept Housekeeping and Concierge department I can only give the Sky Lofts at the MGM Grand a rating of Bombastic.

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