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Stafford's Bay View Inn - Petoskey, MI

Beautiful Setting on Traverse Bay


Stafford’s Bay View Inn located in picturesque Petoskey, Michigan offers stunning views of Little Traverse Bay and is the perfect setting for a weekend away. Built in 1886, Stafford's Bay View Inn has welcomed guests for over 125 years and continues to provide a unique experience to visitors to Northern Michigan.

First Impression/Hotel Lobby/Reception: The lobby area is very small, front desk is basically a large podium which makes it rather intimate and personal. Staff was efficient with the check-in, explained the basics of how the breakfast works and that they have beverage service (coffee, tea, lemonade) available all day. Nothing really exciting or out-of-the-way special with this interaction. Otherwise, it’s an old house (built in late 1800’s) and the décor is an attempt to make it feel of that era, plain and simple.

The suite: the room was picked out a head of time (based on rate) via internet so no surprises as to the size. The queen bed was super soft, although too soft for my preference. The room was on the main street side of the building, aka “cottage side”, it is a very busy street and the traffic noise was very disrupting even when sitting out on the main porch of the hotel along the side street. I realize that there is not much they can do about that, but would be helpful to be well advised of this. The room was nicely decorated, appropriate era décor, mainly white with purple floral wallpaper, antique dresser, white wicker chair and vanity, walk-in closet area with additional built in drawers. The bathroom was up to date, stand up shower (again stated in description of room online), basic toiletries (nothing special). All bath fixtures modern. Turn down service included house-made (large) cookies each night put on your pillow (on a plate), very tasty if you like cookies (to sweet for me, just personal taste).

Room Service: N/A, coffee/tea/lemonade available all day/night in the sitting room or library.

Housekeeping: Daily however we did not have a sign to put on our door if we chose not to have service (I saw other rooms with them but didn’t ask for one)

Concierge: N/A, all services taken care of by the front desk personnel (or restaurant staff).

Restaurant: One dining room for all meals, breakfast included in room rate given as a $25 voucher upon check-in, it basically took care of any food/beverage on the menu but not tip. Room faces Lake Michigan and the entire back wall is all windows therefore all tables have a view; décor somewhat southern in nature (white wicker again) as if sitting on the back porch; staff was personable and timely; mainly quiet diners so talking at normal voice level felt awkward, music was my parents (elevator) style and the same tracks for both breakfast and dinner – this was the most disappointing to me as it made me feel like I was dining at a retirement community (mind you all the hotel guests were retired age or older). Menu was good, fairly representative of local fare although rather bland (assume they cater to their main clientele of seniors because it could have used some seasoning i.e. salt). The plank white fish (signature dish) was excellent but the accompaniments were typical banquet fashion.

Pool/spa/activities: Unfortunately the staff did not provide any explanation regarding activities/amenities: they have free cruiser-bikes (I knew this from reading the web site) we had to ask where/when they were available, there were swings towards the lake -wasn’t sure if they were for hotel guests or not, there is also a nice walking path at the lake also not mentioned, all of these we explored on our own.

Check-out: Returned keys to the front desk on our way out and was asked how our stay was then provided a review of charges and a receipt – standard stuff.

Overall Experience: Our stay at Stafford’s Bay View Inn is one that I will remember for a long time, mainly because of its setting on Little Traverse Bay. If you visit Norther Michigan, this is place you should visit even if just for one night. My rating for Stafford’s Bay View Inn is Between Bombastic and Not.

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