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Sushi Yasuda - New York

The Best, The Best, The Best Sushi in New York


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Sushi Yasuda - New York: If you love, love, love Sushi and Sashimi then Sushi Yasuda is a must, must, must! I have eaten sushi at tons of restaurants around the world but none even comes close to the experience I had at Sushi Yasuda.

To start, let me say that this not your typical, trendy, new-wave sushi place. Sushi Yasuda about as authentic and original as sushi comes. The restaurant is neatly fashioned in clean and almost sparse d├ęcor with a large bamboo Sushi bar and about a dozen square tables and chairs.

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I was seated at the sushi bar and once I saw the menu I soon realized, I was not there to revel in the beauty of the restaurant but to revel in the sushi experience I was about to undergo. I never realized there were so many different kinds of tuna, salmon, yellow tail, eel, etc., until I began perusing the fish menu. I think the sushi chef was amused at my amazement and confusion on were to even start. Luckily, he jumped in and helped me get started.

Five kinds of Unagi (eel), let me try one of each and see if I can really taste a difference I thought. Soon, five, just tenderly made pieces of sushi were presented to me on my bamboo leaf, which was to be my plate for the next hour or so.

Two varieties of fresh water eel and three kinds of salt-water eel and yes, each one had its own taste. Remarkable, I thought. I never knew sushi could be this good. For the record, the salt-water was great; the fresh-water was bombastic.

This experience was repeated again and again, as I tried variety after variety of each type of fish, clam, oyster, scallop, octopus, sea urchin, etc., I think you get the picture.

Service throughout the meal at Sushi Yasuda was perfect. The sushi chef was unbelievable helpful and I think he enjoyed watching me love the sushi as much as I enjoyed eating it.

Add in a Japanese beer and a little Sake and it is easy to see how lunch at Sushi Yasuda got the rating of Fantastic Bombastic!

Reservations for Sushi Yasuda are an absolute must. Make them as far in advance as you can and for the best experience, request a seat at the bar. Sushi Yasuda is on the very expensive end of the spectrum but it is worth every dollar.

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