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Tabaq Bistro - Washington, DC

U Street - Home of a Bombastic Bistro


Restaurant Category : Mediterranean, Tapas/Small Plates

Tabaq Bistro - Washington, DC: Located on the up and coming, U Street in Washington, DC is the trendy, Tabaq Bistro. Their dishes lean towards a Mediterranean flare with flavors and spices from Turkey to Morocco. Tabaq Bistro features small portions, perfect for ordering many different dishes and sharing with friends.

I visited on Tabaq Bistro on a late Sunday morning, just the perfect time to try their Sunday Brunch. The rooftop dining room was full with a large group of friends and many small family gatherings enjoying the open-air dining thanks to the halfway retractable roof being open.

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We started our brunch with a glass of Mimosa and perused the menu trying to pick just the right thing from their extensive menu. With the beautiful breeze, the warm sunshine and upbeat atmosphere I was ready to make a day of it but due to time constraints knew I had better stick to the plan and have breakfast and go.

I went with the French toast with fresh strawberries, lamb sausage on the side and a serving of fresh fruit. Service was not as fast as I had hoped but after one bite of my French toast, I forgot about the wait and my mind focused on the delectable fare in front of me. I never knew French toast could be that good or that fruit could really be that fresh. And, the lamb sausage, it must have been a secret recipe because never have I had sausage with that much flavor before.

Service as I mentioned lagged a bit, but the experience as a whole was one I will not soon forget. If their dinners are anything like their brunch then I will be sure to book a table the next time I am in Washington, D.C.

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