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The Roosevelt Hotel - New York, United States

The Grand Madame of Madison Avenue


The Roosevelt Hotel - New York: Madison Avenue and 45th Street is home to the Grand Dame of Madison Avenue, The Roosevelt Hotel. With over 1000 rooms, you would expect this hotel to be too busy to deliver excellent service, but with over 80 years in the business, they have it mastered.

First Impression/Lobby: The lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel still holds the glamour and beauty of years gone by. I could have spent hours just exploring it. It is a true 5-star, luxury hotel!

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Reception: Checking in to the Roosevelt was fast and easy. Alfredo at the front desk was friendly and efficient, and made me feel welcome and wanted. Within my first few minutes at the Roosevelt, I knew I was in for a wonderful stay.

The Suite: My suite was huge with a large bedroom and separate living room complete with a full dining room table, large seating area and even a fireplace (no, not a real one but it sure added to the beauty of the room).

My only complaint about the room was the heating. It was the dead of winter and trying to find a comfortable temperature was difficult to say the least. It went from cold to too hot and back to cold again. I was just unable to get the right setting.

Room Service: The room service menu at The Roosevelt Hotel is extensive and offers everything from soups and salads to full course dinners. It also serves up the best hotel burger I think I have ever had. Service was always professional and orders always delivered on time. It was obvious that after 80 years, they still knew what good service meant.

Overall Impression The Roosevelt Hotel offers you a great location, beautiful surroundings, 5-star service and a sense of peace from the crazy and hectic streets of New York. Is it a place I would stay again? Yes, most definitely. Keep in mind, it is not a Four Seasons but then again, it does not pretend to be. It has a warmth and spirit that can only be developed over years and years of serving its guests.

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