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The Tasting Room - Houston, TX

A good venue for casual dining and some wine


Restaurant Category : Wine Bar

The Tasting Room – Houston, TX Situated at the upscale Galleria/Uptown area, The Tasting Room is a wine café recommended for those looking for a good wine bar in Houston. The restaurant has a trendy and casual atmosphere, perfect for groups of people; with noise levels somewhat on the average side, this is not a place for intimate dates.

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My visit was actually the second time I’ve been here, and not much has changed. The first time, I sat inside where service was horrible. It was slow and virtually non-existent. It was like a part self-service, part table service system that just doesn’t jive. The second time I was here, we sat outside which was a somewhat better experience. Though with the prices they charge, it wasn’t that much of an improvement.

The Tasting Room is branded as a wine café, and as such, they stock a healthy selection of wines which you can take home. The prices though, as mentioned earlier, are not worth it. You have to pay twice for a bottle of Sonoma or Boheme compared to other wine bars in the area. Beer is also available, if you so choose.

The food was pretty decent, with their Margarita Pizza and Truffle Fries a must-try. The Pulled-Pork Sandwich was pretty tasty and decent as well; though expect the dish to fall apart in your hands (pro tip: use a fork). However, though the food was pretty good, with some bordering on great, the prices put a damper on it. I mean, sure the food was good and all, but not double-the-price good.

In all, if it weren’t for the almost outrageous prices and terrible service, the The Tasting Room would be one of the better wine bars in Houston. However, being what it is, we rate it as Almost Bombastic. Food and wine selection, taste and variety is good. Prices were not.

What I liked: Good selection of wines, decent food

What I didn’t like: Terrible service

Rating: Almost Bombastic

Address and Telephone Number:
The Tasting Room Wine Cafe
1101-18 Uptown Park Blvd
Houston, TX 77056
(713) 993-9800

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