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The Winchester - Grand Rapids, MI | Restaurant Review

A Bite of Everything in One Meal


Restaurant Category : Gastropub

The Winchester, Grand Rapids - Restaurants in Grand Rapids are known for their trendy, voguish ambiance and offer. When we heard of The Winchester, a relatively new restaurant in Grand Rapids, we decided we must try it out for ourselves and see where it favored in our opinion.

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The First Go: A Friday night and a couple of friends in tow; the evening looked promising as we walked into The Winchester which is located on Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids. The place was packed with loud music blasting out at us. It definitely offered the atmosphere of a hip pub with the dark tones used for décor, the straight back wooden chairs, the high ceiling and the brick walls. It had character for sure and we were lucky to find a free table in the corner which we quickly grabbed, it looked like the only available spot in Winchesters!

The Spirits: The wine list offered quite a selection without boasting of being extensive and the prices were extremely reasonable. The Winchester also offered a favorable beer menu with choices of different beers from around the world. This was exactly what we needed to set the mood and start the evening rolling. And we did just that.

The Food: To say it with spirit, “The food was the bomb”. Absolutely delectable and had us craving for more. The menu was meant for sharing so that everyone got to try out different dishes which we thought was an uber cool idea. We had we had the edamame (flash boiled soy beans with kosher salt), the Polish plate which was just too scrumptious for words, an absolutely yummy plate of Indonesian Shrimp, Tempura Scallops and the Dynamite Shrimp; each dish better than the last. The only dish which didn’t raise favors from me was the Fish Tacos. We also ordered the Green Beans as a conscious ‘healthy food’ effort and were pleasantly surprised by how good it was. The menu offers a spread of really interesting dishes.

The Calculated Impression: The overall impression of The Winchester was extremely favorable. It can definitely be rated as one of the best restaurants in Grand Rapids. The food is simply out of the world and throw in the ambiance and the trendy cool feel of it, and this is the place to be.

What I liked: The atmosphere of the place, the quality of food, the reasonably priced wine list.

What I didn’t like: The loud music which made it hard to have a conversation.


Address and telephone number for The Winchester in Grand Rapids
648 Wealthy Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49010
Phone: 451-4WOW (4969)

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