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Tuck Box - Carmel, CA

Worth visiting just to see the tiny house it is in.


Restaurant Category : Breakfast/Brunch, Sandwiches

Tuck Box – Carmel, California: A tiny 5-table restaurant that reminds me of a dollhouse, the Tuck Box has its own unique charm; personally though, I find it a bit cutesy for my taste. This family-owned restaurant serves mainly traditional English dishes and homemade jams and pastries. Their food was basic, basic, basic! Although I must say, I’m not really a big fan of English food. Still, for the price that they were charging, I expected a little more.

Their shepherd’s pie, which was supposedly their specialty, was lackluster. It could have been prepared the same way, if not better, in an average English restaurant. Their scones, which they were also famous for, were delicious but again, nothing extraordinary to dream and crave about. Their pot roast, however, was a delight and truly comforting—the meat was juicy and succulent and the flavor of the red wine and herbs fused together perfectly. That dish should be the highlight of this restaurant, in my opinion.

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The service was as simple and as laid-back as the food, to the point of being slow and lazy. I would say, this place is worth visiting for the unique building alone, but other than that, it’s not worth it. I rate the Tuck Box somewhere between bombastic and not.

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