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Wazuzu Pan Asian Restaurant at Encore - Las Vegas, NV

Good But Not Great Asian Food at the Encore


Restaurant Category : Asian (Fusion)

Wazuzu - Las Vegas, Nevada: A Pan Asian Bistro at Encore Las Vegas, Wazuzu is an upscale eatery serving dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, China, and Japan. As opposed to Asian Fusion cuisine where various Asian flavors are mixed together, Pan Asian cuisine reflects the flavors and spices of the individual region. The atmosphere is very chic and trendy with vibrant walls of red and purple, red-orange Asian tapestries, white and red leather chairs, and ornate light fixtures with a large crystal dragon on the back wall. While the décor and ambiance is intimate, it opens up to the casino which makes the place very loud.

For starters, we ordered the Fresh shrimp summer rolls-vermicelli noodles, Vietnamese herbs, and poached shrimp wrapped in rice paper and dipped in a hoisin peanut sauce. It was lacking in flavor and was less than satisfying-a dish that I would not recommend.

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For our main course, we had Penang chicken curry with spicy Thai coconut curry and seasonable vegetables, a tasty dish that I really enjoyed. We also ordered the Wazuzu pineapple fried rice, which was served in half a hollowed out pineapple stuffed with Thai jasmine rice, roast duck, Chinese sausage, shrimps, and pineapple. While it was scrumptious and flavorful, it tasted like it had been reheated as the rice had a tough texture to it. Nevertheless, I would definitely want to try it again.

We also ordered sushi, which was exorbitantly priced but was nothing that spectacular to justify the high prices.

Service was good overall. They only opened a week before we went there, and already, the wait staff seemed experienced and knowledgeable. My only complaint is that they served all the food at once instead of bringing it out in courses. This may also be the reason why I think the food tasted reheated. Other than that, service was adequate.

While the food was excellent, the décor topnotch and the service attentive, this Pan Asian Restaurant misses an innate quality that keeps it from being bombastic. My overall restaurant rating for Wazuzu is Between Bombastic and Not.

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