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Disappointing at Best


Wynn Las Vegas - Las Vegas, Nevada: Their website says they are the only 5 Star, 5 Star Diamond Resort in Las Vegas but after my first night there I realized that just because they call themselves five star does not mean they actually live up to that level of service.

First Impression/Lobby: The entrance of Wynn Las Vegas was not as grandiose as I would have expected but it still was beautiful. From the first few minutes of being in the hotel, I had a good feeling; I really thought Wynn was going to live up to their reputation.

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Reception: As I stood in the long, slowly moving line, I began to wonder if this is what Wynn considered five-star service. After about twenty minutes in line, I finally made it to the front. I was hoping that this was not a sign to come but as reception checked me in, I got the distinct feeling that service at Wynn was going to be less than stellar. Service was professional but it lacked any warmth or welcoming; I was really beginning to question their commitment to service.

The Room: 5 Star, 5 Diamond Resort? Actually, the room was about as standard a room as I have seen on the Vegas Strip. I tried two different rooms, one with a view of the golf course, the other a view of The Strip. Again, neither view was any better than what you could get at many of the other hotels in the area.

The rooms were average size and the d├ęcor went from bright and refreshing, in one room, to dark and dreary in the other. The second room reminded me of a basement family room decked out in dark paneling, not a refreshing feel.

The rooms were well appointed. They had a small seating area with a couch and ottoman, a small dining table and a high-definition flat screen television. Add in the automatic bedside drapery and lighting controls and you end up with a nice room but it just lacked the pizzazz and style that would have made me say wow.

The bathroom had a contemporary feel with dual basin sinks, separate glassed shower stall, a deep soaking tub, private toilet and an in-wall TV. Their ammenities were Desert Bambu, which left much to be desired; the over-sized Turkish towels however were very desirable.

Room Service: My first experience with Room Service confirmed what I had been suspecting since registration, service at Wynn is not at a five-star level. The in-room dining menu is extensive and the food itself is fresh and well prepared but having it delivered to your room accurately and on time seemed to be impossible for them. Having to make two or three calls to have an ordered completed accurately is simply inexcusable. Having your orders show up fifteen to twenty-five minutes late appeared to be their norm. Yes, Wynn's room service left much to be desired.

Concierge: My first clue to the service level at Wynn Las Vegas should have been when I contacted them via e-mail to make show and dinner reservations and it took over two weeks and multiple e-mails for anyone to get back with me. When I dealt with them on in person, I had one concierge who was very helpful and another whose attitude, when I wanted to make dinner reservations, made me feel like I was a bothersome fly. So much for five-star, five diamond.

Spa/Pool: The spa and pool of Wynn Las Vegas were gorgeous. Had the weather been a warmer I could have spent a day or two lounging by the pool but being there in December made that impossible.

Overall Impression: My visit to Wynn Las Vegas was not at all what I had hoped for or expected based on all the hype and accolades surrounding Wynn. The property is nice but I did not see anything to support its stellar reputation. I ask myself, based on my experience, 'would I stay at Wynn Las Vegas again?' I can easily say 'no'.

PS - One word of caution, I sent clothes out for dry cleaning and ended up with a suit coat dirtier than when I sent it and a pair of pants and two shirts that were shrunk. Update May 13, 2008 - Wynn Resorts did not stand behind their dry cleaning. I was told that I should have inspected my clothes when I got them back and reported it within 24 hours.

When I asked Barbara, the representative from Risk Management, if she really expected that I try everything on the day they came back she said I should have looked at my clothes. I asked how I could tell something was shrunk just by looking and she just said, it's my responsibility to inspect them. Five-star service? I don't' think so. None the less, they ruined my clothes but did nothing to right their wrong.

The Wynn's lack of service and the lack of response on this issue, simple makes the Wynn not bombastic.

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