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Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant - Las Vegas, NV

If you like great sushi, skip this place.


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Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant at the Bellagio – Las Vegas, Nevada: We had booked a table at the Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant at the Bellagio for 9:30 and as it was easy to do in Las Vegas, we ended up being ten minutes late. When we got there, the hostess said we had lost our table and we would have to sit in the bar. We explained we were only ten minutes late. While she was reluctant at first, she eventually relented and showed us back to the main restaurant, which turned out to be only ¼ full! So the reason they wanted to put is in the bar was so they could close, not because they had given our table away as the hostess had suggested.

The bar would have been ok but it was alongside the casino, which was just too busy and too loud for the type of evening we were hoping for—great ambiance, quiet atmosphere, and great sushi. We ended up with two of the three: the restaurant was chic and trendy, the atmosphere was relaxed and quiet, but the service and the food was lacking big time! Portions were small and if you love sushi, you would be disappointed with both the freshness and the taste.

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The restaurant had a sleek and elegant look with a mostly wood-and-stone décor with bronze sculptures and a patio that overlooked the Las Vegas Strip. That was the best part about the restaurant; it all went downhill from there.

Our waiter, a young guy, was full of attitude (I think we were making him stay late). He was trying hard to make it seem like he cared, but it was clear he did not. At one point, he poured (by accident) soy sauce down my colleague’s shirt and simply said, “oh sorry.” It was only after we asked for a cloth and soda water did he actually do anything about it, and it was just to go get what we requested. I was fully expecting that they would offer to pay for the dry cleaning or at least a complementary drink or dessert, but nothing.

The waiter highly recommended their “Signature” Strawberry Roll—Spicy Tuna and cucumber with some strawberry, which cost $18.00. It turned out to be a pitiful portion and as inventive as it sounds, it was boring and tasteless.

The menu itself was a bit bland—only nine sushi rolls to choose from that included a basic fare of California, Tuna, Spicy Tuna and Vegetable. Not very inventive.

The sushi and sashimi selection was larger (about 20 options) but with most at $9-12 per order and only two pieces per order, it was not too appetizing, especially when we saw how small the pieces were. It quickly became obvious; they were selling an image, an environment, but had no substance to show for it.

In addition to the sushi, sashimi and rolls they had a large selection of cool and warm “sharing plates” – again overpriced and under appetizing.

The wine selection was about the only good thing Yellowtail had going for it. The drinks were on par with Las Vegas: $10 for Bombay and Tonic, $16 for an Absolute Cosmo. They had a good selection of some moderately priced wines—we went with the Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc.

Total bill for a dinner for two: Just shy of $300. Leaving us both still hungry. Was it worth it? Not even close. Yellowtail gets a rating of Not Bombastic. If you want a truly the best Sushi in Las Vegas, go to Social House in Treasure Island!

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