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Park Hyatt Hotel - Melbourne, Australia


Park Hyatt - Melbourne, Australia - Located minutes from the center of Melbourne, The Park Hyatt Hotel offers the ideal location, close to everything yet set just far enough away to offer some peace, quiet and solitude.

Check-in was wonderful and Mary Rose was both very helpful and extremely pleasant. She truly made us feel important and welcome. If everyone at your hotel was like Mary Rose, Park Hyatt would be bombastic.

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The room was gorgeous and spacious with a huge walk-in closet and a large seating area. The bathroom was beautiful and spacious with twin basins, large shower and even bigger jacuzzi.

Room service was efficient, however, the menu and the food was below par. I ordered a burger and fries and both were far from what you would expect from a four or five star hotel.

The menu itself was lacking in both variety and presentation. It appeared as though someone's 7th grader typed it up for them.

We ordered a bucket of ice and were informed that because it was New Years Eve they were charging $5.00 per bucket. How disappointing to see the Hyatt do something like this. It really made me feel like I was staying at a two star hotel that was nickel and diming it's guests to make an extra 100 bucks. It really felt low class and a bit insulting.

The mornings buffet breakfast is had a very large selection of breakfast items, and some of the freshest fruit I've had in a very long time.

The health club was very nice fully equipped gym and a large pool. The only drawback is that on Saturday and Sunday they didn't open until 8 AM. The other downfall is the health club operates on the same hours as the spa so if they are closed then the health club is also closed. So doesn't really make it very convenient to use.

One of my biggest complaints about the Park Hyatt Melbourne was that the concierges were only available after 12 noon. Prior to that the front desk staff handled those requests and questions and unfortunately I felt they weren't well versed in these all the areas they should have been.

It all comes down to would I stay at Park Hyatt Melbourne again and unfortunately I would have to say no. I would try the Westin before I came back to the Park Hyatt Melbourne again.

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