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MBCo (Montreal Bread Company) - Toronto, ON

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Restaurant Category : Cafe, Sandwiches

MBCo (Montreal Bread Company) – Toronto, ON: - MBCo is a café in Toronto that is part of a chain-restaurant, very famous for its delicious, chic and trendy, home-style food. The concept of the café rests around offering European culinary in an innovative style. Hand-cut sandwiches and fresh dairy products are all blended to produce a range of food extremely high on quality and easy on the wallet.

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The First Impression: The place offers an aura of a casual café in Toronto. Open for breakfast, brunch and lunch MBCo is the perfect getaway for a quick bite during a sunny day to enjoy a delicious meal and a chat.

Décor and Ambience: The décor at MBCo has been carefully structured so as to offer its customers a unique dining experience that reflects the multi-cultural charm of Montreal. Hardwood floors, the product display carefully looked into, onyx marble tops, high ceilings, white wash bricks, custom made refrigerator and glass display, modern seating and lighting, the exhibition style of kitchen and more, brings in a feel of casual elegance that is very modish chic in style. The MBCo is a place you can really enjoy your meal while taking in the offer of visual aesthetics.

The Food: The food at MBCo was absolutely great. They had an array of appetizers to start with that offered choices like the spicy lamb pita, tuna tartar, smoked salmon carpaccio and more, main courses of different kinds of pizzas, burgers and more, and a whole lot of selection of unique sandwiches served with amazingly fresh salads. The food was perfectly made, beautifully presented and simply melted in our mouths.

The Calculated Impression: MBCo offered us an amazing eating experience and also had us relaxed and comfortable with its beautiful ambience and casual aura. An absolute ‘must go to’ place for all the foodies out there.

***UPDATE*** December 4, 2011 - We visited MBCo and found that the place has gone down hill big time! Many items have been removed from the menu (no more pizza) and the food looked horrible. Things looked so unappetizing that we decided to go elsewhere. The place was not very busy so I am sure we are not the only people that feel this way. Based on our visit, we change our rating from Bombastic to Almost Not Bombastic.

What I liked: The amazing food and ambience.

What I didn’t like: That it didn’t offer a bigger number of seating.

Rating: It was rated Bombastic but based on our December 4, 2011 visit, its been downgraded to Almost Not Bombastic.

Address and Telephone Number
1221 Renee Levesque Boulevard West
Montreal, Quebec
H3G 1T1, Canada
Tel: 514-935-9993

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