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Hide Yamamoto Japanese Restaurant - Singapore | Restaurant Review

A place for good sake and average sushi.


Restaurant Category : Japanese, Sushi

Hide Yamamoto Japanese Restaurant - Singapore The second floor of the marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino boasts of having the best sushi restaurant in Singapore overseen by renowned Chef Hide Yamamoto who was awarded the 2010 Global Chef Award. As we were on a quest to discover the best sushi restaurant in Singapore for ourselves, we decided to drop into Hide Yamamoto Restaurant and probe the claim.

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The First Impression: Hide Yamamoto Restaurant seemed very simplistic in design but had a quiet elegance about it. The place had a typical traditional Japanese appeal and the chef who welcomed us at our table was warm and friendly.

Décor and Ambience: The subdued elegance of the simple Japanese style created a very mellow ambience. The Hide Yamamoto Restaurant had an artistic flair about its visual décor and style. The restaurant had 128 seating and was split into different sections; Sushi, Robata, Ramen and Teppanyaki. The sushi bar was made of simple light-wood and had matching chairs and could seat about ten people.

The Food: The Hide Yamamoto Restaurant had four counters of cuisine. The Sushi bar offered sushi that claims to be made of fish flown in fresh from the Tsukiji market in Tokyo, the Robata (charcoal grill) section serving grilled vegetables, fish and Wagyu beef in Japanese style, the Ramen serving homemade Japanese Ramen Noodles and the Teppanyaki section with six Teppan tables with a complete kitchen and a semi-Western style pastry menu. We started our culinary experiment with a sashimi platter which was served to us in small portions. The dish was extremely over-priced at $88 SGD ($79 USD). We were eager to try some maki rolls, but as they didn’t serve any, we opted for the tuna roll ($15 SGD) and an ebi tempura roll/shrimp roll ($20 SGD). We also bravely tried a un (sea urchin sushi) as a treat; at $20 SGD a bit, the fishy taste of the roll did not have us excited and sated. We also ordered a bottle of Seikyo Honjyo sake to complement our food. This was the best part of the evening and we enjoyed every delicious sip of it.

The Calculated Impression: Overall, our experience at the Hide Yamamoto Restaurant, didn’t have us jumping out and cheering from our seats. The claim of being the best sushi restaurant in Singapore didn’t seem justified to us. The food was of average quality and the prices a bit too steep. Another restaurant that seemed to gain popularity for being a celebrity restaurant than actually good in fare.

What I liked: The location, the simple décor and the great sake at the Hide Yamamoto Restaurant.

What I didn’t like: The average food and steep prices at the Hide Yamamoto Restaurant.

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not.

Address and Telephone Number
Hide Yamamoto Restaurant
L2-05 Casino Level 2
10 Bayfront Avenue,
Singapore 018956
Telephone: +65 6688 7098

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