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Four Seasons Hotel - Scottsdale, AZ

Beauty and Serenity in Arizona


Four Seasons Resort – Scottsdale, Arizona: The Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale Arizona is located in a secluded compound, completely surrounded with breathtaking landscapes. The property is designed to blend in with the natural environment, enjoying a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. The hotel faithfully captures the desert milieu of Arizona and creates a space that is relaxing and elegant at the same time. It is far more exciting and interesting than the other chain hotels in the area such as the Hyatt and Fairmont, and actually feels like a boutique hotel, but with the Four Seasons’ trademark service.

First Impression/Lobby: The property is absolutely breathtaking, occupying an expanse of 40 acres. It is right in the middle of the desert, thus outside you can see huge desert boulders and tall ancient cacti. Inside, it is rustic, classy and cozy—Southwestern cowboy-style, but a very well-heeled cowboy, I might add. The Four Seasons outdid itself again with this property.

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The service from the doorman and bell man was as you would expect from the Four Seasons: Perfection!

Reception: The reception staff gave us a warm yet professional welcome. Our check-in was fast and efficient. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing and it really showed that they were very well-trained; again, a mark of the Four Seasons.

The Suite: We were booked in the Oasis One-Bedroom Suite and it was simply celestial with its wood and stone floors, beam ceilings and out-of-this-world view. It was tastefully decorated with regional patterns and sophisticated southwestern motifs. Over-all, the scheme used was warm and subtle, earthy colors, which made the room even more comfy and cozy.

There was a large terrace that opened to an amazing desert view and a private lounge pool enclosed in a Zen-like garden. Since I was there in January, I was not able to use the private plunge pool but took advantage of the outdoor wood burning fireplace. Having a glass of wine with a roaring fire under the Arizona starlit sky was decadently gratifying, not to mention, romantic.

The marble-tiled bathroom was a divine pleasure as well. It was fitted with framed mirrors, dual vanities, a large soaking tub, and stall showers. The bathroom amenities were also extravagant and luxurious.

Room Service: The room service was top-notch quality. Their menu was typical of a five-star hotel but with a southwestern kick and the food came fresh and excellently prepared. Our orders were delivered on time, accurately each time. They took the time to set up the table and serve the meals, taking care of us as if we were dining in an upscale restaurant. We did not get the drop-and-run that we seem to be getting frequently at other 5-star hotels.

Housekeeping: The housekeeping service was fast and efficient. It was absolute perfection! In their turndown service, instead of chocolates, they put star charts on top of the pillows. It was a nice touch especially in this earthy setting.

Restaurant: The hotel had two restaurants, the Talavera and the Crescent Moon Italian Bistro. The Talavera served regional classics and a four course-tasting menu. They had a large terrace for dining under the stars alfresco. The Crescent Moon has a more casual and rustic ambiance, serving southwestern dished with Italian influences.

Pool/Spa/Activites: I was there in January so it was much too cold to use the pool; nonetheless, it was breathtaking. It had a cinematic backdrop of soul-stirring mountain views, which set a truly spiritual atmosphere. The view almost felt unreal because it was just too perfect. I could imagine spending a lot of time there had it been a warmer time of the year.

Besides lounging in the pool and bar, there were tons of other activities to do in the hotel. The hotel offered romantic picnics balloon rides, horseback riding, hiking, picnics and tons of other activities. If I had more time, I would have experienced as many as I could. However, with just two days, it was just enough time to appreciate and fall in love with the property.

Overall Impression From the moment you arrive at the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale, there is a peace and tranquility that envelopes you. The fabulous hotel and a warm and excellent staff, and a beautiful, almost spiritual experience, will make you want to return to this luxurious sanctuary again and again. Is this the best hotel in the world, close, but no. However, I would rate it as one of the best hotels in the United States! This resort is what 5-star luxury is all about. Fantastic Bombastic!

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