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Antico Martini - Venice, Italy

Awesome food and impeccable service awaits you at the Antico Martini


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Antico Martini is an elegant, fine dining restaurant in Venice. Located in a quiet little square near St Marks, Antico Martini is easy to find. This historic restaurant was founded as Cafe San Fantin in 1720. Reservations are a must for this restaurant, especially on weekends and nights when the nearby La Fenice theatre is having a show.

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The Antico Martini is warmly decorated. The dining rooms at this restaurant in Venice have an air of refined elegance about them. Magnificent Giuseppe Cherubini paintings adorn the walls of the Cherubini dining room. The Fenice is the biggest of the three dining rooms. This dining room is ideal for birthday parties and other ceremonies. The third dining room has Casanova welcoming you from its walls. A terrace runs alongside two dining rooms and offers a spectacular view over the theatre square enabling diners to watch the people passing by the piazza. Antico Martini also has an exotic garden with walls adjacent to the La Fenice theatre.

Antico Martini is a very special restaurant for us. We had visited this restaurant in Venice about six years ago and had fallen in love with the food and service. We were waiting for a chance to get back to Venice and try this restaurant again. We visited this restaurant on a Monday night. Even on a weekday, the restaurant was filled to its capacity.

Antico Martini’s menu focuses on fresh fish, lamb and meat accompanied by fresh seasonal vegetables. The Venetian Risotto is one of their most popular dishes. My partner and I split an order of Spaghetti with Lobster, the special spaghetti of the day. For our main course, I ordered the Suckling Pig Chops with mushrooms cappuccino while my partner decided to have the Sliced Angus Beef with a special sauce. Both dishes were prepared to perfection. The pork was tender and the mushroom sauce perfectly complimented this dish. The beef was just as tender, but the sauce was much heavier and stronger. Nevertheless, the flavour of the sauce matched the meat perfectly. It is amazing to note that the restaurant has been able to maintain the quality of food it serves through all these years.

Special attention is given to the dessert section at Antico Martini. The dessert menu offers a number of choices to choose from. For dessert, we selected a fresh warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream. This dessert was quite delicious and creatively presented.

The wine list at this restaurant in Venice is long and varied with a huge number of local varieties. The restaurant also has a good selection of half-bottles of wines. The service was efficient and courteous throughout our meal. Overall, our rating for Antico Martini is Bombastic!

What I liked: The outstanding food and top notch service

What I didn’t like: Nothing much

Rating: Bombastic

Address and Telephone Number:
Antico Martini
Street: 6450 Avenue Somerled
Montreal, qc H4V1S5-
Phone: (514) 489-6804 (514) 489-6804

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