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Bataclan - Cagliari, Sardinia - Italy | Restaurant Review

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Bataclan Trattoria – Cagliari (Sardenia), Italy:
Located in Via Sassari, home to some wonderful restaurants and affordable Bed and Breakfasts, the Bataclan Trattoria is popular among locals, backpackers, and budget travelers. It is a small restaurant that serves superb yet reasonably priced Italian cuisine.

The décor in the Bataclan Trattoria is simple and basic. Right away, you know that you are in a restaurant without airs. The fact that the staff spoke very little English is a sign that it was not a commercial Italian restaurant obsessed with attracting tourists, but a genuinely local establishment that happens to serve fabulous authentic Italian fare.

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As I spoke very little Italian, there was a bit of a struggle in communicating, but fortunately, we were able to figure each other out after some broken English, bad Italian and a whole lot of hand gestures. We were not sure what to order so the lady in charge—not sure if she was the owner or manager or what exactly her position was—told us to not worry, that she would take care of us, and that was what she did.

For starters, she brought out an array of fresh appetizers including different kinds of cheeses that were just tasty and glorious. It was followed by four home-made pasta dishes, including the freshest tomato and basil pasta I’ve eaten in Sardinia so far. We had more than enough to eat but she suggested we try the sea bass, which we did, and were so glad we did! It was light, tender, fresh, perfectly prepared. While their wine selection was limited, she was able to pick us a perfect wine to go with our meal. They made us feel at home at all times. We had a very relaxing and comfortable time in the Bataclan Trattoria and would definitely go back. Bombastic!

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