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Caffe' Degli Spiriti - Cagliari, Sardinia - Italy | Restaurant Review


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Caffe degli Spiriti, Cagliari, Italy:
The chic and trendy Caffe degli Spiriti is a wild contrast to the ancient port city of Cagliari, a small town with raw landscapes and down-to-earth locals that is far from being an Italian hot spot for happening parties (as compared to Milan, for instance). Still, Caffé Degli Spiriti is certainly up there with the hippest and chicest of them without trying too hard.

Even if it attracts mostly the “see and be seen” crowd, there is still a touch of local laid-back charm in Caffe degli Spiriti that keeps it from completely drowning into pretentiousness. Set in an ancient stone plaza, this restaurant/lounge bar is in the heart of the town, affording gorgeous panoramic views of the medieval city. It is made of a glass structure shaped like a tent so from the outside you can already glimpse the young fashionably-dressed crowd drinking their cocktails and outdoing each other. To get inside the bar, you have to go down a flight of stairs. The interior is claustrophobic yet exciting with its low-arched ceilings, brick walls, and red chandelier.

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Surprisingly, their food was quite good and their menu extensive (in places such as these, food is usually an after-thought and mostly negligible). The menu had everything from salads and soups to pizzas to steaks, and even a fillet of horse! Their pizza was almost as good as the best from Napoli, and that’s a pretty high standard. Their steak was also extremely satisfying—well-prepared, tender and juicy. They did not have an extensive wine list however, which was a curious thing for a lounge bar. Still, they had a decent selection of Italian wines.

While their food was great, their service was slow and unorganized. Understandably, the place was packed and thus they had their hands full, but even with this in consideration, their service was still lacking.

For their great food and amusing crowd but poor service, I give Caffe degli Spiriti a rating of Bombastic, short of being Fantastic.

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