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Da Gelsomina Alla Migliara - Anacapri, Italy | Restaurant Review

Traditional Italian, Superb Experience


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Da Gelsomina alla Migliara - Anacapri, Italy: Luck was on our side the day our hotel recommended Da Gelsomina in Anacapri. They told us it was a small; out of the way place, but that the restaurant served up great food. After my visit here, I agreed with the hotel, it was small and out of the way, but the food was not great, it was bombastic!

To get here, you must book ahead so they can come down into the center of Anacapri to pick you up. Once in their small minivan, you are in for the short but winding drive up the narrow road to their restaurant.

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Upon your arrival to their property, you suddenly realize it is not just a restaurant but a small (six-room) hotel set amongst the vineyards and gardens. As you walk up to the restaurant, you see the large pool and the magical view of the sea below. The view itself is reason enough to visit Da Gelsomina.

The restaurant serves up true, home-style, authentic Italian dishes. We started with buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato and rocket salad and a prosciutto ham and melon starters. There is something about the mozzarella and cherry tomatoes from this region; they were simply amazing.

For our main dishes, we had seafood pasta and the special of the day, eggplant, swordfish and homemade pasta with basil. The seafood was fresh, fresh, fresh and the homemade pasta was some of the best we have ever had in Italy before. The food was amazing!

We were there long after the lunch hour so we almost had the place to ourselves. We felt like we were out in the middle of nowhere with just nature and the sea to keep us company.

The garden terrace has a thatched roof that shaded us from the sun so we sat for a long time just taking in the view, if it had not been for the sea below us, I would have thought I was in the heart of the Tuscany Region. We could have sat forever; it was like a small slice of heaven

However, we had places to go and so we ordered up a homemade fennel digestive and enjoyed the last few minutes of our lunch at one of the best restaurants on Capri.

If you enjoy excellent food, great service in a casual but beautiful setting then be sure to visit Da Gelsomina in Anacapri, it is bombastic!

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