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Da Gemma - Capri, Italy | Restaurant Review

Great Pizza in Capri


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Da Gemma - Capri, Italy: While we were at Capri, we decided to try to find out if the pizza here was as good as the pizza that we've experienced in Napoli, the birthplace of pizza. We thought about heading over to Da Gemma just to find out exactly that.

Da Gemma has a beautiful view that overlooks the center of Capri, ensconced by the picturesque Mediterranean. Needless to say, the gorgeous view got us hungry, and so we proceeded to order. Although Da Gemma had a nice selection of traditional Italian dishes, we decided to get the most basic pizza (but the best kind we had in Napoli) they had on the menu: the margarita pizza.

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The margarita pizza is a classic tomato, cheese and basil combination, and Da Gemma's version of it did not disappoint. The gooey mozzarella layered on top of a bed of tangy tomato sauce was a true delight to the taste buds. The chewy thin crust held everything together, and this too was delicious.

Da Gemma makes great pizzas, and they are as close to the authentic pies that you get from Napoli although they really don't shine when compared to the best places over at the pizza capital. The relaxed service, yummy food but to casual atmosphere leads me to rating this somewhere between Bombastic and Not.

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