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Da Michele L’Antica Pizzeria – Napoli, Italy | Hotel Review

The Best Pizza Ever!


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Da Michele L’Antica Pizzeria – Napoli, Italy:

When you eat pizza in Napoli, your understanding of pizza is forever changed. Neopolitans take their pizzas rather seriously, taking care to preserve the standards for authentic Neopolitan pizza. The Italian government even declared a denominazione di orgine controllata, roughly translated, “designation of controlled origin,” guaranteeing authenticity for every restaurant that claims to serve Neopolitan pizza.

Even in the home of pizza, there are still those that simply come out on top—the best of the best. Da Michele L’Antica Pizzeria is definitely among the “upper crust” of pizzas. Established since the 1870’s, Da Michele is the result of five generations of master pizza makers.

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Different kinds of people wait in line outside the L’Antica—young and old, well-dressed and rugged-looking. When we went there, which was a Thursday evening, there were about forty people standing outside. We were given a number and were told to wait until our number was called. After 30 minutes, we were finally called in.

I was surprised when I got in the restaurant. It was bare. They definitely did not have any regard for interior design. It seemed that their tables and chairs were the same ones when they first opened. They simply had five or six long tables on both sides of the room and we had to sit wherever there were unoccupied seats, like in a school cafeteria. We ended up sitting with a couple from north of Napoli who, as we later found out, made the 45-minute drive just for the pizza.

There were only three items on the menu, not counting the drinks – Margherita (mozzarella and tomato), Marinara (mozzarella and garlic) and Margherita with extra cheese. I wondered to myself how could pizzeria that only sold two kinds of pizzas (ok, three, if you count the one with extra cheese) be so busy.

Once I had a bite, I understood! It was simply the most amazing pizza I had ever had in my entire life. Fantastic Bombastic!

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