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Donna Stella Pizzeria - Amalfi, Italy | Restaurant Review

Great Pizza, Great Service, Great Experience


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Pizzeria Donna Stella - Amalfi, Italy: Once a popular destination for the English aristocrats during the 20s and 30s, Amalfi is a quaint Italian town situated in the breathtaking Amalfi coast (of which it is named after), at the mouth of a lush ravine, and surrounded by impressive cliffs. Located southeast of Naples, Amalfi is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The town is famous for its Medieval architecture and Gothic cathedrals. We heard its coastline and its town were so beautiful and so amazingly picturesque that we decided we couldn't leave Italy without visiting Amalfi.

We had lunch at the Pizzeria Donna Stella, which offered both pizzas and traditional Amalfi cuisine. The pizzeria is run by Stella and her two daughters, Germana and Lorenza. The restaurant, like the town, is charming and immediately makes you feel at ease. Inside, the furniture is polished, dark brown wood which gives it a relaxed, cool air. Dome-like archways balance it by giving the restaurant a Medieval, ethereal feel. Outside, their patio is brilliantly landscaped stone tiles, garden furniture sets, vines, shrubs, and violet and yellow flowers made it invitingly alluring. Thankfully, luck was on our side, and the weather not only permitted us to sit outside, but also contributed greatly to the overall mood.

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We had the Margherita pizza, which was excellently prepared. The crust was thin and bubbly, but not too crispy, just the way it should be. Tomato sauce was light but flavorful, just the right amount of zesty tanginess. The cheese was superb; it almost melted in my mouth. The amount of cheese too, was just right, not too much or too little.

We also had the White pizza which had mozzarella and ricotta cheese, drizzled with a touch of olive oil, and dusted with a hint of garlic and fresh basil. This particular pizza had porcini mushrooms cut into small pieces. These mushrooms were very much in season and lent an incredibly meaty, chewy taste to the pizza.

Their service was laid-back, casual, and friendly. The server took time to recommend our dishes, of which she assured us were some of the bestsellers, and a basic red wine that went very well with our pizzas.

Most of the people who visit the restaurant are tourists - some are from other parts of Italy, but most were from other parts of the world. Its price range is affordable and its food and service is well-worth every cent.

This restaurant is one of the most authentic, enchanting, and scrumptious places I have been to in Italy.

Compared to other casual restaurants and pizzerias I visited in Amalfi, I rate this restaurant bombastic.

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