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Hotel Gritti Palace - Venice, Italy | Hotel Review


Hotel Gritti Palace - Venice, Italy - Located on The Grand Canal, Hotel Gritti Palace is grand and gives you a feel of a luxurious life from years ago however the service does not rise to a Five Star level.

The concierges give the impression they are indifferent to your wants, needs and likes and more interested in referring you to a location where they get a kickback or commission. It seems they have the best interest of the restaurant they are referring you to rather than you, the customer.

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Room service lacks in service. Their menu is sufficient but the food itself, bland. How hard can it really be to serve a bowl of vegetable soup that is actually hot (or even warm) and has some flavor? And with the prices they charge when they say 15 minutes for your sandwich it should be 15 minutes, not 40 minutes.

On a positive note, the bellmen, porters and housekeeping know the meaning of service

Overall our visit to the Hotel Gritti Palace was far from Bombastic. Our experience at the Westin Hotel Europa and Regina was much, much better and without some major changes to the service at Hotel Gritti Palace I'm confident we will not be back for a second visit. Such a shame, it has so much potential but fails in the delivery.

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