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il Buco Ristorante – Sorrento, Italy | Restaurant Review

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il Buco Ristorante – Sorrento, Italy: A small city in Campania, Sorrento is known for its limoncello, local wines, beautiful architecture, impressive sea cliffs, and fantastic views of the Bay of Naples—elements for a possibly remarkable dining experience. Typical Sorrento dishes are simple yet tasty, made with basic and fresh ingredients, usually sourced from local produce. Being in the coastal area, fresh seafood is highly expected from restaurants.

Il Buco Ristorante is one such restaurant that lives up to the expectations of what Sorrento dining should be. They serve Mediterranean dishes largely influenced by classic French cuisine, and made with only the highest quality ingredients. While they had a temptingly delicious tasting menu, we wanted to be more adventurous and dine ala carte. For starters, I ordered the Swordfish with asparagus and basil foam—little did I know that I was to experience one the most heavenly dishes ever to touch my palate. It was ineffably delicious! We also tried the sea urchin spaghetti out of curiosity, expecting it to be quite fishy. To our (pleasant) surprise, it was not fishy at all but rich and full of flavor. For our main course, we had an exquisitely cooked sea bass, hours fresh from the water. The only downer to this almost culinary paradise is the scallops, which are mediocre at best.

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Il Buco Ristorante is actually an old wine cellar. Its owner, Giuseppe Aversa, is an expert sommelier so you can expect a great wine list and impeccable recommendations. Another reason to applaud Il Buco is its fantastic service. Gaetano, our waiter, was very attentive and pleasing, as well as the rest of the wait staff who were all courteous and unobtrusive, allowing us to relax and really enjoy the food.

For the ultimate Sorrento dining experience, make sure you get a table outside so you can enjoy a typical Sorrentine alley while clueless and over-excited tourists pass by. Some may find this horrible, but others can contemplate the irony of historical Sorrento and its commercialization. Of course, reservations are a must.

A fabulous experience worthy of beautiful Sorrento, Il Buco Ristorante is simply Fantastic Bombastic!

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