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Il Pavone Ristorante - Alghero, Sardinia - Italy | Restaurant Review


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Il Pavone Ristorante – Alghero (Sardinia), Italy:
A lot of people come to Alghero (if you haven't been here, this is a place to go and see and and of of the best places to visit in Italy) for the food; it has probably the most restaurants per capita in the whole of Sardinia, and that’s saying a lot. Fresh quality local produce, particularly seafood, and Catalan-inspired dishes define the cuisine in this restored medieval village. One of the restaurants popular among the locals is the Il Pavone Ristorante, located in the Piazza Sulis, which is a central meeting place for the whole city.

The restaurant is divided into two areas: a more formal dining area (but not exactly fine dining ambiance) on one side and a more casual closed in patio on the other, and has seating for indoors as well as outdoors. In front of the restaurant is a conservatory-like structure that affords you breathtaking views of the sea. Outside is a typical outdoor Italian restaurant complete with plastic chairs and tables. As a whole, the décor of the restaurant was pretty unremarkable. In fact, my first impression was that it was an average Italian restaurant that served average Italian food.

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However, I find again and again that you can’t really judge a restaurant by its exterior, or more aptly, in this case, it’s interior. Some of the best food, you will find in the most obscure and unassuming places, and conversely, some of the most dreadfully mediocre in swanky chic-looking restaurants. Il Pavone belongs to the former, and was definitely a wonderful surprise!

We first sampled their rice with shellfish—a refreshing and delectable dish. The shellfish was succulent and the rice was cooked perfectly and balanced the flavor of the herbs and clam juice. Their homemade pastas were also first-rate and could compete with the best in Sardinia. I highly recommend their crab spaghetti and their beans and meat pasta. Their service was as superb as their food. The restaurant staff made great selections, served nice-sized portions, and were always prompt and attentive without being overbearing.

Il Pavone Ristorante is probably not the place if you want a romantic dinner or high-end fine dining. But ,if you’re looking for straightforward, excellent Italian cuisine, this is a winner. I rate Il Pavone Ristorante Bombastic.

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