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J.K. Place - Capri, Italy | Hotel Review

Pure 5-Star Luxury


JK Place - Capri, Italy: The J.K. Place, Capri is one of those places in the world that you've got to mark off your luxury hotel to see list. A winner of a multiple travel awards including the prestigious Condé Nast Hot List 2008, this 'Small Luxury Hotels of the World' member sports beautiful contemporary Mediterranean style architecture and classic interiors with world-class service excellence, all capped off by a breathtaking view of Capri Harbor.

First Impression/Lobby: As the cliché goes, what made us feel secure about us getting our money's worth came in the form of our first impression of the 5-star hotel's lobby. Management certainly knew what a true luxury hotel was all about, as the lobby appeared immaculate and pristine. A charming bellman greeted us at the entrance, escorted us to reception, and then quickly proceeded to take care of our luggage. The well-maintained area exuded an aura of class and status, a nod to the rich classic heritage of old world Italy.

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Reception: We were coming from the newly opened Villa Marina located just minutes from JK Place so we arrived before the official check-in time. A receptionist greeted us warmly as she got to the process of arranging our accommodations. She asked us to wait for a while since the room was going to be prepared. I didn't mind waiting on the simple yet gorgeous patio, but making us wait for a total of an hour and a half is stretching the notion of 'waiting for a while' a bit too thin, as we would have had found a better way to make good use of the preparation period.

The Suite: The heart of any successful small luxury hotel operation lies in the quality of its rooms and suites. The J.K. Place had what would be one of the prime examples of a perfect marriage between vintage interiors and contemporary/minimalist design.

A virtually spotless suite (Suite 22) became our new home during our stay, outfitted with a blend of natural wooden and metal furniture that truly felt as good as they looked! The suite has balconies off both the bedroom and bathroom and a huge terrace that overlooks the hotel pool to the left and the sea to the right. Its unspoiled deep blue hues serve as the ultimate background to the suite's minimalist color scheme (predominantly white and yellow) to create a living space conducive to relaxation and leisure.

The room's attention to detail was simply stunning as no stone was seemingly left unturned. Numerous creature comforts such as chairs and sofas bathed in an unstained white and an expansive walk in closet capable of holding all of our luggage proved to be fantastic touches. Most notably, the suite's unbelievable, all-marble bathroom offered a stunning sea view from its deep soaking tub plus dual basin sinks, a separate shower and a private toilet; a more beautiful and functional bathroom would be hard to design.

Room Service: Having been extremely satisfied with JK Place so far, rather than going into Capri for dinner, we decided to have our dinner on our private terrace, taking in the sea view and as the night progressed, the moon lit night. We ordered from the restaurant and had high expectations for what was to come. Disappointingly, the food was perfect but it was the service we found lacking.

After our five-star experience at Villa Marina, we expected much more from room service than we received. Instead of having our table set and the dinner nicely presented, we simply got a tray with our dinner and they left. Where was the service? Especially when we were charged a seven Euro delivery fee. Luckily, this is the only part of our stay that left a rather sour taste in my mouth.

Housekeeping: True 5-star hotel housekeeping is thorough and invisible; the crew cleans your room twice a day at times when you are most likely to be gone. This is the type of housekeeping treatment we received at the hotel, as we never even caught a glimpse of whoever was in charge of tidying up our room.

Restaurant: Although we did not dine at the restaurant, all the meals that we had brought up to our suite's terrace were treats for both the palate and the eyes. The freshest greens, perfect pasta and most sumptuous meats greeted us at each meal we had. The presentation and arrangement of the trays deserve a mention for their allure.

Pool/Spa: We decided to go for a dip at the hotel's enormous pool. The service here was excellent, with a pool attendant present and eager to heed our beck and call. We had delicious clubhouse sandwiches and champagne delivered to our chairs, which made for the perfect afternoon treat.

Concierge: The front desk handles Concierge duties, and is more than capable in providing us with various activities to fill up our day itineraries. Be it a laid back boat trip around Capri with lunch at the La Conca del Sogno or the breathtaking dining experience at Da Gelsomina Alla Migliara in Anacapri, the staff fully lived up to our expectations.

Overall Impression If you haven't figured it out just yet, my hotel rating for the J.K. Place, Capri is Bombastic. A few kinks which have to be ironed out like their Room Service keeps it from being fantastic bombastic, but I'm still quick to highly recommend this to anyone and would personally love to have stayed a few more days.

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