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La Piazzetta - Napoli, Italy | Restaurant Review

Upscale Pizzeria, Great Setting, Average Pizza


Restaurant Category : Pizza

La Piazzetta - Napoli, Italy: La Piazzetta, like La Cantinella (which incidentally is owned by the same people), is located across the road from the Gulf of Napoli. It is an upscale pizzeria, quite the hotspot for many tourists, locals, and professionals alike.

We reserved a table earlier that day. When we got there, we were shown to a candlelit table outside. Everything from the table to the d├ęcor spelled class and elegance. The atmosphere, especially at night, was similarly evocative of romance with a twist of modernity.

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Unfortunately, service only reached the level of fair. The servers lacked a sense of warmth and friendliness and failed to build rapport, and at many times, it seemed confusion was at hand. Still though, the food was delivered in a timely fashion and the drinks were served promptly.

We ordered the Pizza del pirata, which consisted of olives, fresh tomatoes, and mozzarella made from buffalo's milk. We also had the Speciale Calzoni, stuffed pizza with mozzarella, truffle cream, and wild mushrooms.

The first pizza, pizza del pirata had olives which overwhelmed the taste of the entire dish. The mozzarella did not compliment the olives well. Overall, the pizza tasted a little too briny for my taste. The second pizza's sauce was overpoweringly heavy and meaty. Both pizzas were not as good as what we had in other places in Napoli.

The price is a bit high for the quality of food but I am sure they charge more because of the location next to the sea and the elegance of the restaurant. Was it five-star, no, but for a pizzeria, it was very nice.

On the whole, the food was not as good as we expected it to be. If you value the restaurant's atmosphere over its food, this place is perfect for you.

La Piazzetta gets a rating of somewhere between bombastic and not.

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