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L’Antica Trattoria – Sorrento, Italy | Restaurant Review

Average, Mundane and Boring.


Restaurant Category : Italian

L’Antica Trattoria – Sorrento, Italy: Supposedly one of the popular classic Italian restaurants in Sorrento, I find the L’Antica Trattoria quite a letdown. Built as a stable 300 years ago, this 200-year-old restaurant has worn out its old world charm and has nothing remarkable to offer in terms of aesthetics and cuisine. I found their décor dull and embarrassingly average. It seems to me that the L’Antica has sold out for a more commercial appeal to attract more tourists—obviously an unwise choice.

We sat outside to get a feel of Sorrentine sidewalk dining, but even that experience was unexceptional. For starters, we had the tomato soup with basil and some fish. As a custom, you eat part of the fish and then put the rest in the soup. Overall, the dish was refreshing and fairly satisfying, but it was nothing that you can’t get at an Italian restaurant chain. For our main courses we had pork tenderloin, wrapped in bacon (it was dry and tasteless) and Sea bass cooked in a wrapped foil with an olive oil dipping sauce (average at best).

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The place was very busy and filled with tourists. I sat there thinking I was in a beehive but a much more unorganized one. The service was fair at best. The only consolation is that you get a 10% discount if you pay cash. But everything else about this restaurant is atrociously average and simply not bombastic!

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