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Maffei's Restaurant - Taormina, Italy | Restaurant Review

The Best Seafood and Pasta in Taormina


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Maffei's Restaurant - Taormina, Italy: A casual Italian seafood restaurant with friendly service and excellent food, Maffei's Restaurant in Taormina does justice to the cuisine of Sicily - a colorful mix of Arab (in the use of citrus, rice, saffron, apricots, sugar, sweet melons, cinnamon, pine nuts, clove, nutmeg, and fried preparations), Spanish (maize, tomatoes, cocoa), and Greek (fish, olives, fresh vegetables, and broad beans) influences.

While the atmosphere in Maffei's is generally relaxed and welcoming, coming in your usual tourist attire of jeans or shorts might make you feel underdressed. Smart casual slacks and a nice collared shirt for men and dress pants or a light summer dress for women is a wise choice. Just outside the restaurant is a charming little patio covered with vines, a perfect place for an idyllic lunch or a lovely dinner.

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When we first arrived, the server came over with a chalkboard where the day's specials were listed. With gusto, he told us which fish were available (a good indication they're hours fresh from the water), and told us that if we preferred the fish to be cooked in a certain way, they would gladly make it as we wished (the same thing goes for the pasta). A bit flustered with all the possibilities of how our fish could be prepared, our server recommended superb dishes which made it easier for us to come to a decision a succulent sea bass in a stew of tomatoes, basil, and potatoes, a very typical Sicilian dish. The best part of our lunch was the appetizers raw oysters and pasta lobster, which upon recalling every bite, makes my mouth water.

Ordering was a wonderful experience at the beginning (when the place was not very busy). As the place started to become packed, however, the service dropped off and we had to wait a few minutes before getting a waiter's attention.

Dining at Maffei's was a worthy experience and I would definitely go back. Had the service level been maintained through the dinner, I would have rated it Fantastic Bombastic. But since the service level dropped off so much during peak hours, it gets a rating of Bombastic.

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