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Mediterraneo Cafe - Taormina, Italy | Restaurant Review

Great Little Wine Bar


Restaurant Category : Wine Bar

Mediterraneo Café - Taormina, Italy: If you're looking for the perfect way to cap off an evening, Mediterraneo Café is the perfect place to do just that. More of a wine bar than a café, Mediterraneo is located away from the busy tourist areas of Taormina, guaranteeing that you won't bump into rowdy people with cameras who photograph every inch of the beautiful town.

Although the café has seating both in and out, I always, I sat at the corner nook of the patio, it was the best place to people watch yet have the utmost privacy.

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They have an excellent wine list and good taste to go along with it, guaranteeing that you are going to be recommended a wine that suits your palate. They also have a small menu for finger food, short orders and even crepes!

Service wasn't exceptional, but you really do not need extraordinary service once you've received your wine and something to munch on, although they really could speed up their food service. There just seems to be a lot of time in between placing an order and receiving it.

As I said, I really liked this place. It's a gorgeous, cozy, and well-hidden café that becomes a great place to end a night's worth of activities. Because of its casual, laid back atmosphere and wine list, I'm giving Mediterraneo Café a Bombastic rating.

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