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Pizzeria Brandi - Napoli, Italy | Restaurant Review

They invented the pizza, but its still not the best.


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Pizzeria Brandi - Napoli, Italy: Pizzeria Brandi is supposedly where the pizza Margherita originated from. It was invented by Raffaele Esposito, nicknamed 'Pietro the Pizzamaker', for the Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy in 1889. Pietro was instructed to make several pizzas for the royal family; the Queen found that her favorite among the all the pizzas was the one with mozzarella and tomato. Consequently, it was named 'Margherita' after her.

Armed with this piece of history, I entered Pizzeria Brandi confident and hopeful. I was very excited to taste the pizza which set the tone for all other Margheritas and which was deemed worthy enough of the Queen's royal seal of approval hundreds of years ago.

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We were led outdoors by our server, to a table for two. The atmosphere and the setting were pretty ordinary. This proved to be the first of several disappointments. The waiter and the manager would sing from time to time, but the song seemed out of place and insincere. I got the feeling that they were singing, not because of happiness, but because they had to. I am sure they wanted to achieve a sense of some sort of spontaneity but I instead got the impression that they felt obligated to entertain us.

The service was pretty decent though. The waiting time for our dinner was short and the servers were always available when we needed something.

More than a good restaurant, it seemed a sort of tourist trap. The restaurant was catering primarily to the tourists, which made it like a sell-out of sorts.

We ordered their specialty - you guessed it - Margherita pizza and some local red wine. The pizza was good, but it was disappointing because it was nothing special; there was nothing to remember it by. It was very ordinary and almost like your run of the mill pizza. It is definitely not the best I had in Napoli.

The prices were pretty affordable and the pizza had potential - it could have been a very good dinner, if they were just a bit more conscientious and dedicated about providing the best possible pizzas. To me, the restaurant just felt very touristy. It was as if they were more concerned with getting the tourists and customers in and out than providing the best pizza.

I rate this pizzeria as somewhere between bombastic and not.

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