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Pizzeria Mottozzi - Napoli, Italy | Restaurant Review

The Best Pizza in Napoli!


Restaurant Category : Pizza

Pizzeria Mottozzi Napoli, Italy: Already touted by many as one of the best pizzerias in Napoli, this restaurant does not disappoint.

Eager to look for something that lived up to its name, we picked a date, made a reservation, and visited the restaurant for lunch. We were led to the small, crowded patio. We spent the rest of our lunch enjoying the sun and the warm breeze that occasionally floated by.

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The place is casual, warm and inviting. It cooks its pizza in a wood-burning oven, following traditional Napolitan style.

It does not cater to one specific type of customer. An array of locals, tourists, foodies, students, professionals, and couples visit this place during almost all days of the week (except Sunday).

The service here was quick and easy, no pretensions, no shows, just overall great food.

What they care about here is excellent pizza. I had a margarita pizza, which just has mozzarella cheese and tomato and basil, and it is the best pizza I had in all of Napoli.

The pizza crust was light and thin, almost cloudlike. Yet somehow they kept it from being crispy. It had a small amount of mozzarella cheese, compared to what I'm used to. However, I think any more cheese would have ruined the pizza. The cheese was rich and velvety and had a slight sharpness to it. The tomatoes, fresh from Napoli, mellowed out the sharpness of the cheese with its sweetness and freshness. The wood oven gave it a special quality; it brought out all the flavors of the pizza and helped the ingredients merge and overlap in the most wonderful way possible. This pizza was one of the best I have ever had. It was mind-blowing.

Prices were definitely in proportion to the quality and the quantity of food. Every Euro spent here is a Euro well spent. And after you have tried their pizza, I am sure your stomach will agree.

Next time I'm in Napoli, I definitely know where to head for my first meal (and for several meals after that!).

As a pizzeria, I rate it as fantastic bombastic

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