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Ristorante Il Diavolo Dei Polli - Vulcano | Restaurant Review

A True Hidden Treasure


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Ristorante Il Diavolo Dei Polli Volcano, Italy:More often than not, the culinary essence of a place is not to be found in expensive upscale restaurants but in humble culinary dwellings that serve home-cooked delights and local comfort foods. Such is the case with this cozy little restaurant we stumbled upon while we were out four wheeling in Vulcano Island one lazy afternoon. Ristorante Il Diavolo Dei Polli is located in the middle of nowhere and is sort of attached to the back of the house. While it was not open the first time we checked the place out, it had such a magnetic and charming vibe that we contemplated on going back for dinner. The exterior looked extremely local and casual and that was just what we were in the mood for.

We went back for dinner around 8 PM. When we got there, the place was empty. We were their only two customers. The owner and restaurant staff did not speak English at all so we had to communicate with our broken Italian and (we hoped) universal gestures. Thankfully, the owner was able to understand that what we wanted was her recommendations and a good bottle of wine. She told us, in Italian and by gesturing, to not worry, that she would take care of us, and that is exactly what she did.

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Shortly after she served us a fantastic bottle of local wine, she brought out several small dishes of sumptuous appetizers: mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, fish, and baked eggplant, just to name a few. Later she brought out different kinds of pastas: seafood, vulcano (not sure what was in it but it was spicy and great), and tomato basil. Each dish was simply better than the last.

We ended up finishing everything and were too stuffed that we had to skip the main dish. It was a good thing though that we saved room for a special desert a creamy tiramisu unlike anything I had ever tasted. Before the evening was through, the place was packed with locals. Little did we know that we'd find the best authentic Italian food we had so far on our trip in this unassuming quaint restaurant in the middle of nowhere (considering we were already on our second week in Italy that time, that says a lot!).

The risk of trying out new obscure restaurants makes it all worth it when you find a rare gem such as the Il Diavolo Dei Polli. This place is worth the four wheeler ride and gets a rating of Fantastic Bombastic!

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