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Ristorante La Cantinella - Napoli, Italy | Restaurant Review

Perfect Place for a Quiet Lunch


Restaurant Category : Seafood

Ristorante La Cantinella in Napoli, Italy:

Ristorante La Cantinella in Napoli, Italy is perfect for a quiet, luxurious meal. Its location is perfect as well right across the road from the Sea of Napoli.

We decided to visit the restaurant for lunch, so we called ahead and had them reserve a table for us. When we got there, we were greeted at the door and immediately led to our table. We would have loved to sit outside, the sun was just peeking through the clouds and the sea was invitingly blue, but since it was the end of June, it was getting a bit too warm, so we decided to sit inside instead.

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Wooden chairs, wood-paneled shelves, and the wood-veneered sloping ceiling gave the whole place an atmosphere of home. White tablecloths and white flower centerpieces gave it an air of elegance and style. Big glass windows completed the picture by making the place warmer and brighter. It was able to achieve the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication.

The service was pretty slow and impersonal at first. However, as lunch progressed, it improved greatly. We ordered the seafood linguine and tagliolini. Both were cooked to perfection and were fantastically mouth-watering. The linguine was flawless, almost sublime. It had just the right blend of tanginess, earthiness, and sharpness. The tagliolini equaled the linguine in every way; it was just as flavorful and savory. Needless to say, we finished both pastas in record time.

The restaurant makes their pasta fresh everyday, which definitely contributed to the over-all taste of both our pastas. We also sampled their fresh fish of the day, which was beautifully prepared, typical of what we found throughout the south of Italy.

Our server made sure that the food we ordered was prepared exactly the way we wanted it. He also recommended some Italian wines to go with each of our dishes. The restaurant offers an excellent list of wines, with a fabulous selection of local Italian wines.

Most of the people who visit the restaurant are professionals and couples on dates. It is a bit pricey, but in my opinion, definitely worth every penny.

Overall, it was a fabulous experience. We definitely had a great time. Next time I am in Napoli, this place will be one of my first stops. I give this restaurant a bombastic rating.

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