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Ristorante La Speranza - Alghero, Sardinia - Italy | Restaurant Review

Casual Dining on the Beach


Restaurant Category : Italian, Seafood

Ristorante La Speranza Alghero, Italy: A small little beach restaurant located about 15 minutes outside of Alghero, situated right in the beautiful beach of Porto Pollina, in the town of Villanova Monteleone, Ristorante La Speranza is certainly a casual seafood restaurant great for dining with family or friends on a laid-back Sunday afternoon. You can dine outside the restaurant and enjoy the beach just steps from you while you feast on their succulent lobsters fresh from the sea - that is, if you're not so finicky about presentation and service.

When we dined at La Speranza, the beach was packed and the restaurant outside was full, while the inside remained empty. Being fairly known for their lobster dishes inspired by Alghero and Italian cuisine, we ordered the lobster pasta in creamy tomato sauce. Before the dish was prepared, the waiter brought the lobster out for our perusal; when we said it looked fresh enough to us, he brought it back to the kitchen. After a few minutes of waiting, he came back again to tell us how much the lobster would cost for two people. It was priced at Euro 88 plus the cost of the pasta, another Euro 12, rather expensive for such a casual restaurant if you ask me.

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When the lobster finally came out, it still had a lot of the lobster meat in the shell itself. It took us a good 10 minutes of cracking and breaking the shell and pulling the meat to finally be able to eat; needless to say, it was quite a mess. Nonetheless, the lobster was perfectly prepared and the opulently creamy pink tomato sauce was spicy hot just as we ordered.

We were up for another disappoint, however, as they had a limited wine selection. I think it was short of outrageous to pay that much for lobster pasta and not have a very good bottle of wine to go with it. Service was also unacceptable, especially for the price they were charging. It was extremely casual and slow.

I rate Ristorante La Speranza somewhere between bombastic or not. While the lobster was well prepared, the overall presentation, the service, and the cost all keep it from being bombastic.

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