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Santa Caterina Hotel - Amalfi, Italy | Hotel Review

Class, Style and Superb Service


Hotel Santa Caterina - Amalfi, Italy: For the fantastic view alone, my stay in the Hotel Santa Caterina will no doubt linger on my mind for a long time to come. Located on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, this luxury hotel sits at the summit of a huge and luscious property with scenic paths, landscaped terraces, flourishing gardens, and an awe-inspiring view of the Amalfi Coast. A member of the Leading Small Hotels of the World, the Hotel Santa Caterina meets my 5-star expectation.

First Impression/Lobby: Crisp, refreshing, bright, welcoming were the thoughts that went through my head as I entered the five star hotel. The traditional Italian furnishings coupled with vivid and brilliant inflections made a very interesting contrast. The hotel interior was tastefully done classic elegance with a chic contemporary touch.

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Reception: Our check-in was fast and easy. The staff was very friendly, well trained, and courteous. I cannot express enough how extremely welcoming they were. They will do everything to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.

The Room: The room we stayed in had a bit of a nautical feel to it, well suited to the hotel's coastal location. The floors were tiled with blue-and-white Italian ceramics, giving the room a cheerful and airy feeling. Our room was very comfortable and had a small balcony, affording us excellent views of the Amalfi. Waking up to that breathtaking view inspired my senses and expunged any feeling of weariness.

In tune with the hotel's Italian eclectic design, each room is adorned with one piece of antique furniture, providing an interesting conversational centerpiece. In our room was a well-preserved, antique dresser that added a quaint charm to the room's over-all gracefulness.

I found it strange that the bathtub/shower combo was in one room and the toilet and bidet was located in a different room, across the hall. I did some research and found out that in Europe during the 18th century, when the bidet became popular, it was usually bound to the bedroom instead of the bathroom. During those days, the French bathed only once a week, believing that soap harmed the skin and took away the skin's natural moisture. It was the bidet that they used daily for washing special areas.

Room Service: I have no complaints regarding room service. They were on time, accurate, and provided a nice presentation. My review of their service consists only of kind words.

Housekeeping: Housekeeping did a great job and all my expectations were met. The evening turndown service was impeccable. They put bottles of water on the nightstand and did the beds nicely. I had a long peaceful sleep.

Pool/Spa/Activities: Their pool was very well maintained, although a bit crowded because of its relatively small size. There are two glass elevators to take you to the pool giving you a splendid view on your way down. The hotel has extensive facilities including a gym, a spa with sauna, therapeutic showers, and a whirlpool, as well as a number of beauty and health treatments.

Restaurant: The buffet breakfast was a lavish spread that I found extremely sumptuous and satisfying. The eggs were perfectly done, prepared just as I ordered. In the evening, you can choose to dine by the terrace 'draped with beautiful vines and flowers' for a great view and a romantic evening.

Overall Impression I rate the Hotel Santa Caterina as Fantastic Bombastic. Overall, my stay here was beautiful and truly memorable. I recommend it as a top choice for a luxury hotel in the Amalfi area.

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