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T Hotel - Cagliari, Sardinia | Hotel Review

5 Star Accomadations but Lacking in Service


T Hotel – Cagliari (Sardina) Italy:
T hotel is a four-star hotel located in the heart of the city. Being a short distance away from the more “touristy” areas of Cagliari, you may have a hard time getting a taxi to take you back home especially late at night. If you’re planning to take a taxi back to the hotel, make sure that you plan ahead for this.

First Impression/Lobby:
When I stepped into the lobby, I was immediately impressed by its chic and trendy nature compared to the other Sicilian hotels that were decades (and even centuries!) old. It felt great to be in a new hotel that was ultra-modern yet quite cozy.

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Our check-in was a breeze: the receptionist helped us out with all of our concerns and made us feel welcomed. This only made us feel better about our choice to stay in this hotel!

Although the hotel’s concierge only operated part-time, my exchanges with her were one of the most informative and helpful encounters I’ve had with hotel personnel. We hit a rough patch, though, when a simple request for a rental car turned into a 30-minute headache because of some problems with the service.

The Suite:
The suite we received was absolutely stunning! Our room took on the shape of the building which was circular, and the rounded walls took on a very modern feel that appealed to me very much. There was a lot of closet real estate for all of our baggage and enough space for us to declare that this was indeed a remarkable suite! It made me feel like I was in some upscale New York City penthouse, and it was the most impressive contemporary hotel I’ve visited during my five week stay in southern Italy.

As if the room itself wasn’t enough, we were dazzled by the sheer gorgeousness of the bathroom. It had an amazing deep soaking tub with mood lights that let the tiles glisten in a variety of red, blue and green hues. Despite the shower not having a door, the water didn’t splash around the bathroom. It seemed that every inch of the bathroom’s design was planned for, down to the most minute detail. The T-Hotel labeled amenities were a plus, too!

Room Service:
A great room might imply great room service, but we were actually let down by the T Hotel’s lack of food options and generally mediocre service.

It’s unusual to tell a four star hotel’s housekeeping service how you want your room done, but it’s even rarer that they get to follow your instructions to a tee perfectly each time! This was the case with the T Hotel’s housekeeping service. When I told them how I wanted my turndown service done (robes hung instead of slung on a chair, don’t leave slippers on the room, etc), they did so each time without fail.

Overall Impression
This ultra-chic hotel has loads of potential to become one of the best contemporary hotels in the area, but without good/experienced service, they’re downgrading their 4 star rating. If their service was to be improved and their room service strengthened, they’d probably feel more like a five star even!

I’d definitely stay here again if I were on business, however if my trip would be purely leisure (i.e. hitting the beach), I’d definitely look somewhere else. As such, I’m rating this hotel somewhere Between Bombastic and Not.

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