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Trattoria Don Camillo - Taormina, Italy | Restaurant Review


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Trattoria Don Camillo – Taormina, Italy: I always enjoy taking trips to Italy not only because I get the chance to stay at exquisite hotel suites, but I also get to sample fine Italian cuisine from various restaurants. Although I’ve come across really terrible restaurants with the most offensive owners imaginable (see Casa Grugno), my experiences are generally positive and delightful.

Trattoria Don Camillo is an Italian restaurant that’s been around for quite sometime. My partner and I decided to have lunch there one time, and what we got was mediocre Italian cuisine with slightly above average service. We ordered a minestrone soup that wasn’t as tasty as it should be and received our main dishes a little later than expected.

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Our server was knowledgeable of the wines that they had which was a plus; unfortunately, their wine list wasn’t extraordinarily long and was rather unimpressive. I had an orange mousse for dessert, which was uniquely satisfying.

The food and service failed to create a striking impression on me, so I’m rating this restaurant somewhere Between Bombastic and Not.

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