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Villa Las Tronas Hotel - Alghero, Sardinia | Hotel Review


Villa Las Tronas Hotel - Alghero - Sardinia: The Villa Las Tronas Hotel in Alghero, Sardinia was the former residence of the Italian Royalty until the 1940s, when it was converted into a 5-star luxury boutique hotel. This detail alone gives you an idea how opulent and luxurious this place is. It is located in a private peninsula which separates it from the noise and chaos of the city just outside the property. Originally built n 1880, the hotel conserves the historic magnificence and tranquility of the aristocratic estate, making it an ideal vacation place for those who demand nothing less than true luxury.

First Impression/Lobby: Right from the beginning, I was extremely impressed with the hotel’s architecture and interior; its history and glory shone right through in every way. The extensive grounds were magnificent; the view of the Mediterranean Sea from the gulf, splendid. It was one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea that I have witnessed in my travels of Italy. Inside the hotel was just as lavish: crystal glass chandeliers, nineteenth century antiques and paintings, elegant lamps and lounge areas, and a marble fountain centerpiece.

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Reception: The reception staff was warm, welcoming and friendly. Our check-in was fast and simple. They even took the opportunity to book us a table at their amazing restaurant and handled our dinner reservations efficiently. They were well aware that they were working in a 5-star luxury hotel and therefore delivered only 5-star service.

The Suite: We were booked in one of the hotel’s only three suites and were lucky enough to have the one which I consider to have the best view of all: Room #216. On top of that, we had a huge terrace furnished with two lounge chairs and a table, allowing us an awe-inspiring view of the glorious sea while sipping a good glass of wine and snacking on some olives. It couldn’t get any better than that.

But that was just the beginning. The room in itself was a revelation. It was divided into three parts: an adequately-sized living room, a small bedroom and yet another smaller bedroom. While I would have preferred for the areas to have been bigger, the beauty of each room and the amazing views made me quickly forget about the size. Since the ceilings were high, the feeling of magnificence and magnitude was preserved. The marbled and wooden floors, the heavy red and golden colored drapes, the 19th century furnishings, and the intricately lavish upholstery enveloped us in class and elegance. The bathroom was no less lavish and luxurious fitted with marbled tiles, a large bathtub and first-class bath supplies. It was not so hard to imagine how the royal family once lived in this amazing property.

In terms of 21st century technology however, the hotel was lacking as the telephone and television were old-style and you have to go to the ground floor to get an internet connection. But these details were negligible since the point of staying in this hotel was not about indulging in the new but being pampered the traditional and royal way.

Room Service: The hotel had only 25 rooms and thus the room service offerings were limited. Everything we did try was perfect, however. The room service staff dealt with each request immediately. They provided personal service, yet were professional at the same time. You could tell that the hotel trained their staff very well and knew the meaning of comfort and service.

Housekeeping: The housekeeping was impeccable and invisible, as you would want from and expect in a luxury boutique hotel.

Restaurant: The restaurant was Amazing with a capital “A” – the food, the service and especially the ambiance. We sat on the deck overlooking the sea, and in the background, we could gently hear the classical music played live by a concert pianist and talented singer—perfectly setting up a romantic ambiance. It was an unforgettable, almost magical experience.

Pool/Spa/Activites: The pool was the only part of the hotel that let me down. While it was a splendid pool set on the edge of the sea, there was limited seating, no service in the early afternoon and no one removed dirty towels or cleaned up the area during the day. How dismaying for a hotel of this class.

Overall Impression The view, the service, the accommodations—all together, they have made my stay at the Villas Las Tronas truly remarkable and memorable. This luxurious hotel is as close as one could get to living a royal life. Bombastic!

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