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Villa Marina Hotel - Capri, Italy | Hotel Review

Chic and Trendy, Beautiful and Bombastic!


Villa Marina - Capri, Italy: Housed in a historic multi-level villa overlooking sea, the Villa Marina Hotel in Capri, Italy is at-home in the fashionable Capri-road just minutes from another trendy hotel, J.K. Place Capri, is located. The Villa Marina is a desirable five star property with an enviable location, pristine landscapes and lush gardens creating a peaceful and relaxing environment and a respite from the tourist-laden Capri town.

Opened in June 2008, we were one of the first guests to stay in this new and exciting, ultra-chic hotel. Our first experience with the hotel was their failure to pick us up at the harbor, but despite this irksome detail, I was willing to be more forgiving than usual since we visited the hotel during their first weeks of operations and as you can expect from a brand new hotel, there were a few glitches in their service.

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First Impression/Lobby: The stunning views going to the hotel immediately calmed my senses, dissolving my annoyance with the hotel's negligence in meeting us at the harbor. When I saw the beige stucco villa with its bright white painted trim, I was completely enamored. The restoration of this 19th century 5-star property exuded luxury and culture. The building looked sharp and stylish in every standard. As we pulled into the hotel's small walled parking lot, we were greeted by the small waterfall on the wall of the driveway. I immediately had a good feeling for the splendid things to come during my stay in the Villa Marina. While the hotel lobby was small, the décor was done very tastefully and all the little details hinted of chic elegance.

Reception: The check-in process was quick and easy but I did get the impression that they were not used to customers. It was a bit of an odd feeling; maybe it was because they failed to pick us up at the harbor or maybe it was because they were so new. Regardless, it was still fast and easy.

The Suite: Small, chic and exclusive seem to be the central principles of Villa Marina's interior. Each of the 21 rooms spread in the villa's three floors are uniquely decorated, each in different colors and with furnishings inspired by various great artists such as Neruda, Colemann, Malaporte, Axel Munthe, and Marinetti. We stayed in the Coleman Pool Suite although technically the room did not have a true pool, but a Jacuzzi (Shouldn't it be named Jacuzzi Suite then?).

Our suite was decorated in rich browns, beige, tan, and taupe - giving the room a light and lively atmosphere. Upholstered chairs in eclectic shapes also made the room more fun and dynamic. While the living room was on the petite side, its clean lines, flat surfaces, and big window, made the room larger than it really was.

The bed was low lying and was situated under a large arched window that made the bedroom feel bright and cheery, perking me up in the morning and compelling me to get up early to enjoy a beautiful day. The room had ample closet space, something that you do not often find in Italy. The bathroom was immaculately clean, equipped with luxurious toiletries and rich linens, but minimally fitted with no more than a stand-alone shower, toilet, and one sink although a very stylish sink, I might add still, it was consistent to the room's petite chic motif.

Hands down, the best part of the suite was the oversized terrace, furnished with a big dining table, two lounge chairs, a Jacuzzi tub, and absolutely stunning views of the sea. The only thing that piqued me about the terrace was that it had a Jacuzzi tub and not a real pool. Who wants to soak in a hot Jacuzzi when it's so hot out?? Plus, the location of it was behind the villa where the view was very limited. Regardless, the terrace provided a wonderful retreat and various possibilities for great entertainment, ideal for romantic weekends and for privately soaking up the sun to get the perfect tan.

Room Service: The room service was just as you would expect from a five-star luxury resort or hotel. All the details were thought of in advance. They set the table out on the terrace complete with tablecloths, candles, and had it just like in any upscale restaurant. They took their time to make sure that everything was flawless before they left.

The food we ordered was simply divine. Everything we had, from the candlelit dinner to the breakfast, was perfect.

Housekeeping: The housekeeping was on par with the best five-star hotels I have ever stayed in. For them, I have only three words: flawless, invisible, consistent.

Restaurant: Ziqù, the hotel's restaurant, serves delicious dishes made from Capri's local produce. Headed by Chef Mino Chiafele, their gourmet restaurant can compete with the best restaurants in Italy. The restaurant is minimalist and chic in design and has a drinking lounge with an open-air terrace. However, having an irresistibly beautiful private terrace, we chose to dine there and not in the restaurant. The food was absolutely superb!

Pool: I did not spend time at the pool, but it was gorgeous. We were there during the first opening weeks so the hotel was quite empty and I did not see anyone using the pool, but with its location at the front of the hotel, it offered endlessly cinematic views of the sea. The hotel also had a luxury spa with high-end facilities including a fitness center, sauna, infinity pool, panoramic solarium, Turkish bath, massage room, and a relaxation room for reading a good book or simply listening to good music.

Overall Impression Sure, the hotel had a few minor glitches but I'm sure they are things that will be worked out as the hotel and its staff gains experience, but overall, the service level we experienced was very high. The true test will be if they can maintain that level of service during their peak season and busier times; but based on my personal experience, I can easily give them a rating of Bombastic!

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