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Bellotero Ristorante - Palermo, Sicily | Restaurant Review

Fillet of Horse was the Best Dish on the Menu


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Bellotero Ristorante - Palermo, Sicily - Italy: The historically rich city of Palermo is home to diverse artistic heritage and an expansive cultural background, having been founded more than 2,700 years ago. The sights and sounds of Palermo are only matched by its acclaimed gastronomy.

We decided to dine at a small restaurant called Bellotero Ristorante. It's a cozy place with only 10 tables, blonde hardwood floors, and paintings by local artists on the wall making it a homey place to eat in. Only a maitre d/waiter and a server were working at the time, and they immediately ushered us to our table.

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A traditional Sicilian menu may seem strange to newcomers because of its food variety; Bellotero Ristorante's menu has the usual seafood and fish fare and some rather unusual rabbit and horse entrees. We started out with a seafood appetizer consisting of calamari, shrimp and mussels that were decent, and a ham and cheese with mushroom combination that was utterly tasteless. We followed that with an order of lobster pasta, which tasted excellent.

For our main course, I ordered a fillet of horse, which admittedly sounds revolting. It is, however, a traditional Sicilian dish, and I was rewarded for my adventurous nature because it tasted divine! It came in a dark brown sauce with mushrooms and potatoes, and it was so much better than the Veal that my dining partner had.

We had a strawberry with lemon sorbet and a pistachio ice cream for dessert, which was among the tasty desserts they had on menu. They also had a good selection of wine in their list, which is a plus.

We had a good time eating here at Bellotero Ristorante, however the experience wasn't enough to give it a Bombastic rating.

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