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Boscolo Exedra Hotel - Rome, Italy | Hotel Review

Lacking in Many Ways


Boscolo Hotel Exedra – Rome, Italy: Being the seat of a great portion of Western history and civilization, Rome is a certified tourist draw all year round. With all the sights to take in and places to explore, there’s hardly enough time to get to do all the things that you want in beautiful Roma. Boscolo Hotel Exedra is ideally located in the Piazza della Republica, near shops, restaurants, museums and other tourist attractions. Once a papal granary, this six-story building is a quaint deluxe hotel that is comfortable enough but lacks sophistication.

First Impression/Lobby: My recent trip to Rome netted me a few nights stay in the Boscolo Hotel Exedra. It’s a gorgeous hotel at the onset, with a very large and impressive lobby to greet its guests. Upon our arrival, we were nonchalantly greeted at the door; I was a bit fazed by this, as one would expect a hotel such as the Boscolo to have better front liners.

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Reception: Thankfully the young lady at the front desk was very charming and warm, checking us in with great speed and showing us to our room. This was a great way to start, despite the rather cold reception we got at the front door!

Concierge: As expected, the hotel’s Concierge service was knowledgeable and excellent. We were given fantastic recommendations which we thoroughly enjoyed, such as the Target Restaurant for lunch and Sangallo Ristorante for dinner (check our restaurant reviews page for a review of the Sangallo). It was good to know that the Concierge had superb taste in fine dining.

The Suite: We got a Junior Suite at the Boscolo, and it was satisfying. It wasn’t extraordinary, but we got what we expected. It’s a two level room fitted out with light shades, an almost two-story window, an upstairs bedroom and a living room and bath at the ground floor.

The suite has a nice setup with the bedroom looking down into the living room, however this posed some problems regarding acoustics since all the noise that the television made could be heard all the way up to the bedroom. Definitely a problem for couples where one likes to watch late night programming while the other sleeps.

The large, all-marble bathroom had dual basin sinks, a separate shower, bathtub and toilet. There was certainly enough space to go about your daily routine, and the hotel carried a wonderful selection of amenities.

Room Service: Regulars of this site know that I uphold superior room service: I believe that service is the life blood of a classy establishment. Unfortunately, the room service here at the Boscolo was poor! Their meals were mediocre at best, and worst of all, the only thing they were consistent at was being late with their delivery. We certainly did not expect this from the Boscolo.

Housekeeping: Housekeeping is another facet where the hotel scores rather low. Our calls to them were left unanswered, and getting evening service was a hassle. To say that we were disappointed with their Housekeeping is an understatement.

Restaurant: The hotel had three distinctively different restaurants: the La Frusta, which had a black-and-white color scheme and Italian film motif, designed for fine dining; the Tazio, the main hotel’s main restaurant ideal for lunches and quick meals; and the café bar on the roof, which offers a stunning view of the Piazza.

Pool/Spa/Activites: The hotel had a pool right next to their dining room, literally. A few steps from your seat would lead you to a dip into the pool, and this was a rather strange arrangement. It was an oddity that did not warrant further curiosity and appeared to be more of a nuisance, thus not allowing me to enjoy neither pool nor restaurant.

Overall Impression By this time I was thoroughly convinced that the Boscolo suffered from terrible service management, but the straw that really broke the camel’s back was the entire ordeal that we had to go through at checkout. It took us half an hour just to correct a simple billing mistake! The person we were working with didn’t know how to fix the error, and he had to figure it out himself for a good 15 minutes. Embarassing!

My lasting image of the hotel was of me pointing out the mistake and telling him how to fix it… for 30 minutes.

Overall, my rating for the Boscolo Hotel Exedra is somewhere between bombastic and not.

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