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Clemente Alla Maddalena - Rome, Italy | Restaurant Review

Great Dining Near the Patheon


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Clemente Alla Maddalena - Rome, Italy: There are two things I primarily love about Italy: the beautiful historic works of art that surround you when you are there, and all the gorgeously delicious food and drink to be had. While we were at Rome, it's no wonder then that we decided to have dinner over at the Clemente Alla Maddalena, which is situated very close to the Pantheon. In close proximity to the Piazza della Maddalena, the restaurant offers authentic Italian cuisine with excellent wine service, a lethal gourmand tourist combination!

The Clemente Alla Maddalena offers an exquisite dining ambience, with soft lighting, handsome wooden chairs and ample sized tables. If you're looking for a change from the good old-fashioned American-style restaurant akin to Friday's or Chili's, you'll be pleased to know that this restaurant is notably quiet, making it the perfect place for a romantic dinner date in Rome.

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We proceeded to order the tasting menu, which is a meal consisting of appetizers and soup, pasta, the main dish, and dessert. Our main course that night was a perfectly roasted lamb chop topped with rosemary and rounded out with baked potatoes. The lamb was absolutely flawless! The restaurant also had a great list of wines, and offered two different kinds during our meal. Waiters were knowledgeable of the wine that they served, making the selection process easy and the drinking a joy.

Everything about the restaurant was truly Bombastic! From the dining atmosphere to the food that we sampled. Clemente Alla Maddalena is definitely a must visit the next time you head off to Rome.

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