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Le Sorelle - Rome, Italy | Restaurant Review

One of My Favorite Restaurants in Rome


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Le Sorelle - Rome, Italy: Le Sorelle, or the sisters in Italian, is located just minutes from The Spanish Steps in Rome. This small restaurant, which is owned by two sisters, hence its name, has become one of my favorite dinner spots when I am in Rome.

The long and narrow restaurant has a cavernous feel to it. The rounded, stucco walls are decorated with pottery work and stored overhead are row after row of Italian wines giving the room a warm and pleasant atmosphere. As you normally find in a restaurant like this in Europe, the small tables are close together which makes for more of a casual experience than an intimate dinner.

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The menu is as varied as the service is good. Warm pumpkin soup with a small piece of bacon and a sweet almond cookie was my starter on my last visit; it was unique, interesting and delicious.

My first course, the spaghetti cacio e pepe, spaghetti with cheese and pepper, was simple but full of flavor, a perfect transition into my main course of lamb. The lamb was tender and juicy with a hint of rosemary that seeped into the middle of the lamb, making each bite was as succulent as the next.

Desert was an amazing display of sorbet. How amazing can you make a sorbet presentation? Well, tonight I found out, extremely amazing. Imagine a hollowed out strawberry filled with strawberry sorbet, a hollowed out plum with plum sorbet and then imagine a hazelnut, apricot and kiwi, all done the same way, filled with their own matching sorbet. It was simply amazing!

The wine list has an extensive list of Italian wines. My only complaint is that most of the wines are stored overhead which means they are warmer than they should be to fully enjoy them.

Service has always been genuine and friendly. However, this particular night, it was a little slower than normal but their sincerity made it easy to overlook.

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