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Sangallo Ristorante - Rome, Italy | Restaurant Review

Their Second Restaurant is as Good as Their First


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Sangallo ai Coronari - Lauro, Rome: The Sangallo is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Rome. The service is excellent, the wine plentiful, and the food second to none. I was therefore anxious to try out their second restaurant near Piazza Navona.

When we arrived, our high expectations were certainly met: a gorgeously inviting atmosphere melded with world-class service to provide a dining experience unlike any other (unless, of course, it's the other Sangallo!).

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Once we were seated by our server, we ordered our starter of insalada di agrumi which my companion and I split between us. The citrus flavor of this salad became a welcome change to the salads that we usually order!

For our main course, I decided to have the classic Italian pasta dish spaghetti all'amatriciana, which is a tomato-based sauce with black olives. The superb taste and hearty serving are consistent with what I've experienced with my previous dinners at Sangallo.

The wine list was also extensive, and our server was knowledgeable and had good taste in recommending what wine would complement our dishes. To top our evening's dining festivities, we had a cheese platter, which was excellent as well.

The great service, exhaustive wine list and superb food make Sangallo Ai Coronari a great place to dine at. I'm giving this restaurant a Bombastic rating.

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